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Roaring Twenties Pearl Necklace
$28.00 USD
Aurora Art Deco Sapphire Drop Earrings by 1928 Jewelry
Aurora Art Deco Sapphire Drop Earrings
$32.00 USD
Petite Pearl Drop Earrings
$25.00 USD
Bridgerton Style Oval Lapis Ponytail Holder by 1928 Jewelry
Bridgerton Style Oval Lapis Ponytail Holder
$42.00 USD
Vintage Lace Half-Circle Filigree Stretch Bracelet
$45.00 USD
Filigree Vintage Hair Barrette by 1928 Jewelry
Filigree Vintage Hair Barrette
$32.00 USD
Victorian Style Pearl Round Button Earrings
$35.00 USD
Olivine Green Crystal Flower Stretch Bracelet
$35.00 USD
Victorian Inspired Rose Motif Bead Drop Clip On Earrings
$35.00 USD
Victorian Inspired Silver Tone Bar Hair Barrette
$29.00 USD
Meso Round Intricate Filigree Link Bracelet
$50.00 USD
Victorian Porcelain Rose Necklace
$60.00 USD
Oval Carnelian Red Cameo Ponytail Holder
$40.00 USD
Filigree Art Deco Inspired Hair Barrette by 1928 Jewelry
Filigree Art Deco Inspired Hair Barrette
$29.00 USD
Crystal Filigree Stretch Bracelet
$35.00 USD
Victorian Style Floral Patterned Barrette by 1928 Jewelry
Victorian Style Floral Patterned Barrette
$35.00 USD
Tailored Double Drop Earrings
$35.00 USD
Victorian Inspired 3-sided Stone With Tassels Necklace
$60.00 USD
Victorian Inspired Rose Print Drop Earrings
$45.00 USD

Sustainable Vintage Jewelry

With a growing focus on sustainability, we see the fashion world taking a turn too. Our vintage-inspired jewelry is designed with the same perspective. The designs take inspiration from the classic eras of the 1920s, which is also known as the Golden Age of jewelry. The jewelry in this era was sustainable and presented new designs compared to the old-fashion designs of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Why Vintage Jewelry

The 1920s flapper jewelry is a work of art. The designs from this era rebelled against the traditional norms, creating unique designs with beautiful details that stood out. The sparkling designs are absolutely captivating, making the jewelry inspired by this era very unique.

But, why wear vintage jewelry? 1920-style jewelry symbolizes a connection between generations. The designs inspired by the era also represent the beauty of aging and how to embrace it.

The difference in vintage jewelry also lies in the detailing. Most modern pieces have the same repetitive designs. However, our vintage jewelry collection is designed to recapture the essence of the vintage era and bring the designs back to life.

The Old Cuts Charm

Vintage 1920s Jewelry has a separate fanbase. They carry unmatched elegance and are unique in every design. The timeless cuts make the jewelry increasingly popular. The cuts in vintage-inspired designs are clearer when compared to modern cuts. Modern cuts appear to be sparklier but have a flatter appearance. That is where our fabulous jewelry cuts come into play and restore the old charm.

The Art Deco Era

The art deco era lasted from 1919 to 1935. It was a revolutionary era for women and introduced the idea of flapper girl style. Bold, bright, and modern pieces were the highlight of this era. The pieces from this era included both platinum and antique diamond cuts. Our 1920s-style earrings and other pieces take the same inspirational designs and cuts.

Every jewelry piece is created to help you flaunt your inner flapper style. The jewelry pieces can be paired with our stunning collection of vintage dresses. Our collection of vintage-inspired earrings, necklaces, hair barrettes, bracelets, pendants, brooches, and so much more are great for any occasion. Pair up the stunning jewelry pieces with our vintage dresses and bring your whole look together.