Cocktail Dresses

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Vintage Era Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses are the perfect answer to an elegant dress for any semi-formal occasion. Inspired by the vintage era, our cocktail vintage dresses are a treat for all ladies. This dress was a highlight in the fashion industry for party dresses.

Cocktail dresses became a fashion statement for special events that required something less formal than full-length gowns and fancier than afternoon dresses.

The cocktail dresses have a variety of options, so you can pull off any look in which you feel the most comfortable.

The Alluring Art Deco Era

Art deco cocktail dresses showcased progressive modernity in its time. The dresses became a pivotal turning point for how future dresses were made. They revolutionized the fashion industry and paved the way for comfortable looks that promoted flexibility.

Our fabulous range of 1920s cocktail dresses takes inspiration from the same ideas to serve fantastic looks for you. Find the perfect cocktail dress for you that is inspired by the 1920s to the 1970s and makes a fabulous addition to your closet.

The History of Cocktail Dresses

Our collection of cocktail dresses takes inspiration from each decade that had its own staples. Our series of vintage inspired cocktail dress represents the fashion trends throughout history.

Starting with the 1920s, a decade of roaring fashion let women dress however they wanted. The dresses in this era had less sparkle and glitter but were still embodied with beads and sequins. Go bold with beautiful designs that bring back old-era fashion trends. The decades that succeeded introduced a range of designs. From slim pencil skirts that inspire bodycon dresses today to full-length skirts, these fashion trends serve timeless ensembles even today.

Style Retro Dresses the Right Way

Our retro style cocktail dresses are full of comfort and modern cut. The vibrant colors give the perfect pop of color, while the fitting sets on any body type perfectly. Our range of dresses offers many options to plus sizes too to fit a fuller figure.

Style yourself with these chic designs laced with satin slips that give a breathable dress. All the vintage style cocktail dresses make you look timeless and elegant, even at a simple party. Become the star of the party even at an informal gathering, and dance the night away with your perfect vintage inspired cocktail dress. Pair these dresses with the perfect shoes and accessories and travel back in time.