Bridgerton Collection

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Victorian Style Leather Lace-Up Black Shoes
$195.00 USD
Vintage Style Lace Wrist Gloves in Black
$24.00 USD
Victorian Mid-Calf Leather Boots in Black Rustic
$285.00 USD
Black Square Beaded Necklace
$70.00 USD
Modern Victorian Lace Up Leather Boots in Black
$285.00 USD
40838 Kara Modern Victorian Dress in Black/Gold by Nataya
Kara Modern Victorian Dress in Black/Gold by Nataya
from $299.00 USD
Kayla 1920s Titanic Style Dress in Black by Nataya
from $310.00 USD
1920s Style Dress 40825 in Black by Nataya
1920s Style Dress 40825 in Black by Nataya
from $305.00 USD
Izabella Victorian Style Dress in Black Gold by Nataya
from $330.00 USD
Butler Lace Short Gloves in Black
$15.00 USD
Lady Mary Lace Wrist Gloves in Black
$24.00 USD
Biddy Victorian Style Tall Boots in Black
$220.00 USD

While the love of the Bridgertons made them a sensation, it was their clothes that really captured our attention. Bridgerton's wardrobe department never fails to wow with anything from vibrant cap-sleeve day dresses to glamorous Bridgerton gown and tiaras.

Because of that, there has been an increase in demand for vintage and Bridgerton themed dresses that complement modern interpretations of the show. Like the TV show, you can also take a bit of creative freedom to design the perfect outfit from our Bridgerton themed dresses. 

Bridgerton Inspired Outfits

Our Bridgerton inspired outfits includes all sorts of vintage pieces ranging from gloves and boots to jewelry and gowns. Each of our pieces is inspired by the hit show and has the contemporary elements to create a classic look while giving you a naturally stunning appearance. 

You will come across loose-fitting gowns with deep necklines and see-through sleeves to show a tantalizing bit of skin that catches attention like a bee to honey. 

We also offer Bridgerton inspired wedding dresses that come in a variety of high-quality fabrics, including chiffon, tulle, lace, georgette, and crepe, each perfectly matched to its own design. At Wardrobe Shop, we design Bridgerton inspired clothing to make you feel and look like a star at your big event!

Antique Dazzle with Drop Earrings 

Our drop earrings that incorporate pearls and beads straight out of the 1920s are also a must. You can also add a touch of antique dazzle to your outfit with elegant Bridgerton-inspired necklaces; their stunning designs and timeless 1920s stonework will catch everyone’s attention. 

Drawing inspiration from the elaborate ornaments worn by the women of Bridgerton in the Regency period of London, these lovely accessories will give a sense of grandeur and elegance to your event.

Shoes to Elevate Your Dress

Our collection of Bridgerton inspired clothing also includes vintage shoes that look straight out of the show. They elevate every dress that you wear and complete your look. They are the perfect representation of luxury and style!

Whether you want to embrace your inner princess or spruce up your out-and-about attire, we can guarantee we have exactly what you need!