1940s, 1950s and Pin Up Dresses

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The Fashion World in the 1940s

The 1940s was a historical time because of World War II. The War shaped fashion in this decade and witnessed a fall in designers throughout Europe. Despite the tough times, the women of this era embraced a more utilitarian look. Dresses from the 1920s have a timeless charm and hold a historical importance that makes them even more favorable.

The 1920s was a milestone for the fashion industry. With its trailblazing styles and new silhouettes, it became a fashion star.

The clothes in the 1940s have a military feel too. Suits were popular, along with skirts, which also had squared shoulders. A narrow waist with tailored skirts that reached just below the knees was the main style statement of this era.

Spectacular Designs from the 40s

We tend to follow the same style statements inspired by this era. Our dresses inspired by the 1920s have the same less fussy and casual look. That means minimal embroidery and patterns. The 1940s gowns were a class apart. With short sleeves and single fabric fittings, the designs call for a no-fuss strategy. Our minimalistic designs have the same ideology.

The 1940s was a decade of war, and so to conserve material the use of rounded shoulders, hemlines, and collars with tight belts was the highlight. Instead of matching everything, women begin to pair up their blouses and skirts. So we draw our mismatched 1940s style dresses from this change in the era to suit our modern women today.

Changing Designs for the Unpredictable Decade

War brings unpredictability, so the designs and women's styles changed throughout the decade. After the war ended, women's fashion went back to a more feminine touch. Skirts and blouses were still popular, but dresses from the 40s came back into style with a bang.

So, our collection of 1940s dresses also flaunts beautiful, sophisticated designs that symbolize the post-era return to fashion. The embroidery work, embellishments, silk tassels, fringes, beadwork, and more returned to the late 40 outfits.

Whole hemlines rose, and necklines dropped in the 40s; it's still important to remember how conservative fashion got back in the 1940s. Thus, accessories came of great use. A 1940s dress for women from our stunning collection can be paired with anything you'd want. Browse through our collection of accessories to bring together a stunning look from the 40s and flaunt it.