Women archtype trends and vintage inspired fashions

by Karen

The new trend in psychology about women archetypes had influence on modern fashion designer who started dressing their divas like Goddess due to their archetypes. It doesn’t matter whether the designers use the modern trends or vintage inspired they try to take into account the Goddess’s character. Demeter is a type of mother. If you guessed that Angelina Jolie is the type of Demeter you guessed right. Persephone is a young gal, victim but still the mistress of her own land. Brintey Spears used to be Persephone. Athena is the strategic Diva who knows what she wants. Ellen DeGeneres sometimes behaves this way. Artemis is ever the diva with fleshliness and sexuality. When Hollywood celebrities start their career most of them express this type of archetype. Aphrodite is ever love, the muse for fashion designers, bards and musicians. Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum always demonstrate this charm. Hera is the wife/socialite. Grace Kelly used to be a true Hera. Hestia is an individualist yet dedicated to household and sacral mystery. Sharon Stone oftentimes demonstrates this type of archetype. Hecate is a joker yet has magical and mystic powers. Madonna Ciccone aka Madonna is above all others match this type. Because the greek pantheon is not oftentimes used and some of the goddesses can be mistaken, stylists along with fashion trend psychologists simplified these types to the following four. These four types are of course just a starting point as it is always great fun to use your own wardrobe to mirror your personality and create your own version of these archetypes.


This type is always busy planning something special. She is mad about her household and she always tries to cook something homey to please everybody around. Tea parties, Victorian and Titanic inspired parties are all about her. The style best suited for her lay in Victorian lace dresses. Because this type can make a floral glass-house of her office, the floral patterns and weaves are also inherent this dame. As was mentioned above, most Titanic and Victorian Inspired Dresses are very well suited for this personality. Victorian Inspired Dresses

Warrior Woman

She is used to defeating everything and everyone, including her friends and husband. She is very active and expressive. She always needs to attract with her outfit and show her active nature and expression via her gowns. Flapper and tango dresses by Nataya can go with this personality like no others.


Flapper white dress

Lady-Award or Lady-Prize

She can express herself in a very cute and pretty way. She can demonstrate (unlike the warrior woman) that she must be defeated and is the prize that should be worshipped. She is the exotic and cute décor of everything around. Hostess always makes refreshments tasty, Lady-Award however, always makes refreshments original. So, the dresses to match this type should be up to her: unique vintage dresses like artisan dresses or black swan ballerina dress by Nataya.

Nataya dresses for romantic ladies


She inspires, she is a very light person, she worships everything around. She doesn’t care much about her look but she always needs something very light and full of inspiration. She is the artist and you should understand that this is alive in every step she takes. She is the very talent. Nataya was basically created for this type and this gal should be wearing only unique and light Nataya gowns.

Unique and light Nataya gowns

 Whatever your personality and inner world is, you know this because you feel this. And you can say this without reading this post, but a little help is always a good thing.


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