Which White is Right for You?

by Karen

We know, everyone else is wearing a white dress and you have tried to think outside the box, but you keep coming back to the white gowns. That is perfectly fine, let’s look at which white it right for you for your wedding day. First, decide on a style of dress for your big day. When I think of style, I think of length, neckline, sleeves, waistline, and fabric. All of these elements make up the style of the dress. Do you want floor length, knee length, or cocktail length? Which neckline flatters your décolletage area; is it a v-neck, a scoop, plunging, or do you prefer a more buttoned up look?


Vintage fashion style dress in white
 Sleeves are an important element in any dress. Getting the right sleeve makes or breaks a dress for me. Decide on strappy spaghetti-thin, cap, butterfly, or even sleeveless for a magnificent effect. The waistline of a dress is important as this is what will make the curves of your body stand out for better or worse. Remember, most bodies look great in the empire waist no matter what size they are. And finally, what fabric do you think you want for your wedding dress? Some fabrics naturally cling while others present a flowing illusion. Once all of these elements are decided, you can work on the color of the wedding dress. Today, we are looking at which white is right for you. We are looking at several shades of white here; from brilliant white to creamy buttery white to bluish almost gray white. These colors are fabulous, on the right person. Let’s look at some of the dresses and see which white is right for you. Brilliant White Think of the snow, the blinding snow in the sunshine; that is the brilliant white we are looking at here. This color is clean and crisp. It stands out against other colors and makes a sharp edgy statement next to a black tuxedo. Creamy White Soft and silky buttery vanilla ice cream comes to my mind when I envision this color. Fall and spring colors placed next to a creamy white dress look magnificent and even sultry. Creamy whites do not fade into the background; they make a lasting impression on all who attend your wedding. Some variations of this color would be whites with a peach tone, antique white, or pale butter yellow white. Bluish White This is a fun color to work with. A white like this is a step down from the brilliance of the first on this list but it does not lose any spectacular points in my book. A subdued silver or gray pallet is absolutely beautiful against this tone of white as it simply sparkles and stands out with like hues. Choosing your perfect white dress should be fun. Take these thoughts with you while you are shopping and maybe these examples of some of our favorite will get your imagination flowing. white dresses


Great Gatsby Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya
The Classic Frilly Strapless Wedding Gown by Sue Wong

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