Wedding Wednesday: Valentine Wedding Planning

by Karen

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, only a few short weeks left before the most romantic holiday of the year is upon us. With that in mind, I think this week's Wedding Wednesday: Valentine Wedding Planning is perfect timing.

 Wedding Wednesday: Valentine Wedding Planning
 Wedding Wednesday: Valentine Wedding Planning
Planning any wedding can be fun, imaginative, and romantic; but imagine planning your wedding for the most romantic time of the year. Here are some things to think about for a February wedding and some of the most perfect dresses for the big day. Winter weddings are much underrated. The beauty of the colors seem to sparkle against the white snowy backdrop of winter. Even if you have to hold the event indoors, try to have the nuptials near a large picture window.

Dress for the Occasion

Did you know that you do not have to wear white to your wedding? Wedding gowns, especially vintage wedding gowns, can be just about any color you wish. A beautiful contrast for a winter wedding is to have the bride in a deep color and the bridal party in white. This ruby dress is a great color for this type of contrasting wedding party.
Wedding Wednesday: Valentine Wedding Planning Wedding Wednesday: Valentine Wedding Planning
A couple of dresses for your bridesmaids in white could look like these vintage wedding dresses:
Formal dresses for your bridesmaids Wedding Wednesday: Valentine Wedding Planning
Sue wong short dress in white
Wedding Wednesday: Valentine Wedding Planning
These would look great next to the ruby in the above wedding dress.

Wedding Cake and Flowers

Have fun with a Valentine's Day inspired wedding cake. Why not? This is your day to make memories and to have a blast with the people you love. Have any flavor cake you choose, and then go wild with the decorations. I thought this one was a cute idea, kind of like candy hearts wedding cake style. And look at the wonderfully sweet cake topper. In the drab and sometimes dreary winter months any color is a welcome change. For a winter wedding be sure to incorporate a variety of colors and scents in your bouquet and table settings. This one caught my eye immediately. I know the tulips are a spring tradition and might remind some, therefore, of a spring or Easter wedding, but I like to think of this as a glimpse to the end of winter.

Decorations and Invitations

Decorations and invitations are a basic part of any wedding. But for a Valentine's Day wedding they can get really inspired. Try to set the mood with invitations that are romantic. This scroll idea is quite unique. I think adding a bit of fancy to any party makes it that much more fun. The setting of your Valentine wedding is something else to consider. Most likely it will be indoors. The standard red and white can be a bit overdone. Try a more daring color pallet. You can keep the red and white but maybe supplement with silver and ruby for a more elegant look -- or with pink and pastel purple for a more romantically fun approach. Add some accent colors found in your flower bouquet to draw everything together. Whatever the colors, having vibrant decorations that take the eye off of the gray of outside will be a big plus.

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