A Wedding with an Unexpected Shower

by Karen

Fall is in full swing. For some people, that simply means back to school time. But for many of you, these chilly months are filled with the last remaining wedding details.
Fall is a lovely time of year for a wedding. However, you never know if Mother Nature will cooperate. So, we’ve devised a way for you to incorporate the unexpected shower into your wedding.
You will want to be sure and check the weather forecast for the week and day of your wedding. If rain is expected, shop for some cute baskets in which to place umbrellas for both your wedding party as well as your guests. Select colorful umbrellas for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. They can all be the same color or two complimentary colors that match your theme. These will look great in photos.
Next, get some more adorable baskets or bins for shoes. Consider rubber boots in your wedding colors. This unique accent will guarantee a whimsical photo shoot.
It is essential that the bride and bridal party all wear waterproof makeup, especially mascara and eyeliner. But your hairstyle is the most important. Makeup can easily be fixed if you get caught in the rain. The same cannot be said of your hair.
A yellow raincoat? Why not! Yellow, as well as any other neon colored cardigans or raincoats, will look splendid over your traditional. Your wedding photographer can capitalize on these fun moments and bright colors.
Consider holding your wedding reception in the rain. Perhaps the forecast was off, and your sunny wedding experiences a sudden downpour. You can dash to the nearest Italian family café or restaurant by simply searching in your Google Maps on your phone.
Why go Italian? There are the two main reasons. First, many Italian family restaurants and cafés have the perfect interior decor for your photo shoot. Second, Italians, in general, are extremely hospitable and will most likely welcome you to use their restaurant. Bonus: they get more business. You can offer to pay them or sweeten the deal by posting your photo shoot on offbeatbride.com or greenweddingshoes.com. This gives them free advertising.
Here are some more tips for a rain day:
- Make rain clouds out of tulle for a backdrop. This way, when the rain starts, you are already in character.
- Keep a strong and lasting hair spray nearby to correct your wedding hairdo. Have an emergency makeup bag on hand as well.
- Have some stain guard sprays to help protect your clothing.
- Keep your bridal party warm a thermos of hot tea.
May wedding blessings rain down on this special day!

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