Wedding season has opened

by Karen

Attention ladies: wedding season has officially opened. We are excited to introduce the three hottest gowns in each of our three main wedding lines. Take a look, linger and select your perfect style. Let’s get started! 

Our Affordable Vintage Line for Traditional Brides

The affordable vintage line is primarily filled with Gatsby and Edwardian style dresses. These styles were the number one choice last year among traditional and second marrying brides. The New Titanic Dress in ivory became a top seller among brides over 40 as well as first time, vintage brides over 30. Check out their gorgeous photos on our Facebook page.
New Titanic Dress in ivory

Wedding season has opened

Up next is Lady of the Forest Dress in ivory. This is the ideal dress for first time brides, brides who are planning garden weddings, or brides who wish to combine a light reception dress with the silhouette of a traditional bridal gown. This dress is perfect for ladies who will wed abroad and need to save some luggage space for their honeymoon outfits.

Lady of the Forest Dress in ivory
Wedding season has opened
Nataya’s Ivory Tea Othelia Dress is simply superb for a jazz-themed wedding and festive reception.
Nataya’s Ivory Tea Othelia Dress 
Wedding season has opened

Our Affordable Line for Alternative Brides

Last year, many of our brides chose the Lady of the Forest Dress for their alternative bridal gown. However, the closet at is overflowing with amazing dresses for those who are searching for something unique. Alternative girls and Downton Abbey lovers, look no further than the Titanic Dress 40007 in sage. Second marrying brides loved this dress and made it the runner up just behind the Lady of the Forest Dress. You’ll find some incredible pictures on our Facebook wall.
Titanic Dress 40007 in sage 
Wedding season has opened
If you are going for the Daisy Buchannan style, have a look at our 1920s bridal wear. Nataya’s Ivory Empress Dress is just smashing for ladies who love traditional colors but want to avoid white. It follows the romantic style without the traditional length or heavy skirt. Such a wonderful alternative to the traditional wedding dresses for you traditional brides!
1920s Nataya’s Ivory Empress Dress
 Wedding season has opened
Finally, we would like to present another divine dress that was chosen as the top alternative bridal wear by our customers, the Titanic Dress in antique and silver. The Downton Abbey era, as we mentioned before, was chosen as the main trend for many dresses by Nataya and inspired her to compose new gowns for alternative brides and their mothers. We’re sure you’ll love this new look!
Titanic Dress in antique and silver
 Wedding season has opened

Our Affordable Couture Dresses for the First Marriage

The third wedding line by Nataya is made up of couture dresses. The style of these dresses is rather informal and unique. Take a look at our top seller, the Cream Venetian Wedding Dress.

Cream Venetian Wedding Dress
Wedding season has opened
Another popular dress in the collection of Informal couture wear is the Raphaela Dress, which also comes in cream. The boho silhouette is reminiscent of the Raphaelites and is currently one of the hottest trends.
Raphaela Dress in white
 Wedding season has opened
You will fall in love with the Dahlia Peach Dress, perfect for the steampunk couture bride. The dress looks superb with either romantic flowers and braids or a steampunk bowler hat.
Dahlia Peach Dress
 Wedding season has opened
Happy 2014, and happy shopping!

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