Vintage style head pieces under $100

by Karen

Welcome back, lovers of vintage style! Today, as promised we continue forward sharing new ideas on how to save money for your vintage wedding look while filling the part of the vintage iconic celebrity.
Last time, we shared tips and tricks for saving money on your wedding dress, allowing you to purchase a truly chic dress under $200. Thanks for tuning in to our postings to help you make the right vintage selections for your big day.
Featured today are some styles of wedding headpieces under $100 to crown your wedding up do.
Let’s get it started!
Is it possible to attain the true Daisy Buchanan inspired headband with actual Swarovski stones? The closet is full of flapper style headbands, most of them costing less than 100 dollars! The ribbon is made of pure velvet, and the huge Swarovski crystals exude a look of luxury.
Vintage inspired headband

 Our Grecian style headband glistens with crystals and rhinestones. It is an ideal match for Gatsby, Edwardian, Grecian and Boho dresses, not to mention dresses falling under the umbrella of other trends. The white transparent shades of the inlayed crystals pair this headband perfectly with classy white dresses as well as gowns in other colors. Can you believe we offer this look for only $70?

 We are downright giddy with the following new arrival in – the vintage Goddess style jeweled headpiece, ideal for Celtic, Fantasy, or Medieval inspired brides. As you may have guessed from the name of this incredible item, it truly fits with the “Lord of the Rings” inspired dresses as well as with the “Lord of the Dance” inspired Celtic gowns. At $75, you can save your splurge money for more incredible finds from

Bridal Crystal headband


The Bridal Crystal headband is one of the most affordable pieces on our site. But don’t be fooled by the price; it is as elegant as ever and looks exceptional on all Victorian or Edwardian inspired brides. Yet, it is also perfect when paired with the Downtown Abbey or Titanic lines by Nataya. You can have this custom-made headpiece for only 60 dollars!

Downtown Abbey or Titanic lines by Nataya

The Grecian style headband is another decadent Goddess style variation, beautifully adorning Grecian or Gatsby style wedding dresses. We sincerely recommend this item for brides over 25 to 28 years old.

Grecian style headband

 The Edwardian style hair comb fits pristinely in the Edwardian style wedding dresses falling under the Titanic line by Nataya. The beautiful ornamentation of this particular comb accentuates the flair of hairdos from the early 1900-1920’s.

The following headpieces are an exotic and intriguing addition to Indian sari, ethnic, Celtic and princess style wedding garb. It is for this reason that we placed the “Celtic wedding headpiece” as part of the aforementioned “goddess” headpiece line, as these two items possess similar yet distinct features that can go with two totally different types of wedding dresses.
Celtic wedding headpiece

 Though we started with the Daisy Buchanan style, we finish with the Olive leaf shaped headpiece. The beaded hair comb or hairclip will support the smooth, bobbed hairdo of the shorthaired, Gatsby inspired bride. At a modest $80, brides with longer hair will want to spring for two of these delicate yet strong combs. 

Daisy Buchanan style

 Finally, we introduce the most affordable bridal headpiece ever – the Gatsby style birdcage veil. For just $55, you will get two gorgeous beaded hair combs paired with the Gatsby style birdcage veil.

Gatsby style birdcage veil

Every single one of these headpieces is hand crafted. You will shine as a unique bride on your special day. And don’t forget about the extra cash you save to splurge on the honeymoon. Or come back and visit for bridal party gifts or a post-wedding treat for yourself.

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