Vintage Style Garden Wedding Dresses on the Beach

by Karen

Vintage Style Garden Wedding Dresses

When a couple chooses to celebrate their union with a seaside wedding ceremony, they have already made it clear that romance is important to them. Few ceremonies are more romantic than an exchange of vows against the setting of a wide expanse of ocean, lapping against a stretch of pristine sand. Wedding dresses that echo the romantic setting are especially effective for ceremonies by the sea. Few wedding dresses capture the romantic feeling of seaside and garden weddings as do those designed with a vintage style. For beach wedding dresses, the flowing lines of a vintage style gown are particularly appropriate. The Romantic Nataya Wedding Gown features waves of soft fabrics that reflect the rolling waves of the sea. Any ceremony held at a garden by the sea will evoke romantic images of times past, when wedding dresses were at their most feminine and delicate. Wedding dresses in a vintage style imbue ceremonies with that same romantic feeling. Garden and beach wedding dresses are most appropriate when they complement the natural surroundings of the romantic venue. A vintage style looks back to a time when nature was considered the epitome of beauty and when a garden was a place of romantic loveliness. Garden and beach wedding dresses that look to nature for inspiration will often reflect the romantic look of a vintage style gown. Yet a vintage style wedding gown needn’t be expensive to be beautiful. The Nataya Vintage Inspired Wedding Gowns, available in Blush and Ivory, are a dream of rosettes, flairs and frills, yet are as affordable as they are beautiful.

Nataya Vintage Inspired Wedding Gowns
Vintage Inspired Wedding Gowns in White
Vintage inspired in lavender
Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress in White


Chiffon wedding dresses for a garden of beach setting evoke the romantic, vintage style to perfection. Few fabrics express the feel of a romantic garden. Light, flowing and feminine, chiffon wedding dresses in a vintage style flutter in graceful folds at a garden or beach wedding. While lace is appropriate for almost any wedding, when used in a gown designed with a vintage style, lace is all the more effective in conveying femininity and grace. When it comes to beach wedding dresses that flatter the figure, gowns in a vintage style present a garden of delights. Empire styles flatter every figure, and details of ribbon, flowers and lace frame with face with a flattering, feminine look. Soft beige, white and garden colors that mirror the blooms of nature will complement any bride. For a second wedding, soft colors are especially appropriate. The Romantic Second Wedding Dress in Periwinkle, with its off-the-shoulder flowing wing sleeves and fine embroidery, is the perfect choice for beach wedding dresses for brides who want to convey subtle romance at their beach wedding. When it comes to capturing the romance and natural beauty of a seaside ceremony, Nataya gowns are sure to please discriminating brides. Nataya wedding dresses ensure that all will be enchanted by the beauty of the bride on the most romantic day of her life.

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