The Vintage Style for the Athletic Figure Type

by Karen

Today, We continue our look at different figure types. We have already mentioned regular and irregular figure types, plus-size figure types, and skinny and petite figure types. Now it’s time to focus on athletic figure types.
Vintage style wedding dress in white
Many ladies get involved in different fitness or body-building programs. As a result, they have beautiful muscles, but they sometimes have difficulty knowing how to look really feminine and catching. The athletic figure type is similar to the rectangular and triangular figure types. Athletic ladies have wide shoulders, wide chests and plain stomachs with cube muscles, as well as narrow waists and hips with a slight difference between them. The shoulder line has muscles that truly stand out. The main advantages of such figure types are the narrow waist and wide chest. These parts should be accentuated. Triangular and rectangular figure types have wide shoulders to begin with, but these troublesome parts are accentuated with muscles on athletic figures. Therefore, the shoulders should be hidden and made into a beautiful shoulder line.
Vintage style dresses by Nataya

(vintage style dresses by Nataya)

Perhaps many of us hated math class, especially geometry, but everything changes when it comes to our figures. School subjects can be really useful for choosing a wardrobe. (Don’t worry — we don’t need to bring back our memories of the Pythagorean theorem!) We should understand the geometrical figure that looks like our figure silhouette. Oftentimes, the athletic figure has the shape of a triangle with the apex at the bottom. However, we need more feminine figure, that is, a triangle with the apex on the top. That’s why we need make our hips look wider and accentuate our waists. In brief, we should make hourglasses out of our figures. To accomplish the goal of achieving an hourglass figure, remember the following: 1. Your top should be smooth and tightened. Your waist should be accentuated, and your bottom should look plump. You can accomplish all these goals with the following styles: • Tulip skirts, bell-bottomed skirts, and skirts with pockets and frills make your hips look wider. • Banana-style pants and chinos go great with the athletic figure type. • Shawls and scarves should be worn in a way that makes your body look longer. That’s why you should not cover yourself with many layers of these accessories. • You should always prefer sleeveless tops and tops without upper parts. If your muscles really stand out and that bothers you, you may hide your shoulders with a tightened accessory such as bolero. • Décolleté and v-necklines take attention away from your shoulders. Again, you should remember that muscles can be hidden. For example an art-deco style top and a 1950s-inspired full-skirted bottom will hide your shoulder muscles. This street style will truly be yours.
Vintage style skirts by Nataya
1950s inspired full skirted
2. As we have mentioned several times, your shoulders should not attract attention. That’s why the athletic figure type won’t need: • puffy, flutter or batwing sleeves • Horizontal shoulder straps or whimsical straps that add volume to your shoulder line. • volumizing scarves and kerchiefs. 3. The main difficulty for the lady with an athletic figure lies in choosing separates and outfits during online shopping. For instance, you need jackets in the XL size, whereas your skirts should be in the L or M size. Sometimes, it may be really hard to pick the right model for your coats, as they may be too tight for your shoulder line and too loose for your hip line. You should choose models with wide hip lines and wide skirts. These models should all have a belt to accentuate your waist.
Vintage style cami for athletic style of figure

(the vintage style cami for athletic style of figure)

4. Color plays no less of an important role for ladies with an athletic figure type: • If you have a two-layered jacket (or jacket and top), you should avoid clothes with wide and brightly colored prints. It is a good idea to choose jackets with a print and a single-color skirt. The skirt should match the color of your top. • As we have mentioned, the best sets include tops, jackets, pullovers and so on in neutral and pastel colors, whereas you should have skirts in bright colors that stand out. We hope you share your special experience with Nataya dresses and how they look on you.

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