Vintage Midi Dresses

by Karen

A lady steps from a taxi with a delicate hand held to her escort. Her legs swing gracefully to the street and she steps onto her feet lightly. Her dress, hidden beneath a light jacket, sits just below the knee, leaving a small frill of chiffon and lace to tantalize the watcher. Her head held high, she knows without a doubt that the dress beneath is worth the peek. Midi dresses are a popular alternative to the body conscious and shorter cocktail length dresses prevalent in fashion today. Vintage midi dresses carry defined style from another era while keeping that modernized length and fit. Here’s a few examples of mid-length dresses that include a defined vintage style.

Lady in Black: One of our favorites is still the little black dress. While dramatic and iconic, black vintage midi dresses keep a refined and proper air. The depth of hue, such as a velvet like we found from Nataya, will keep the dress mysterious. Look for drop waists and appropriate neckline for the vintage midi dresses you’re daring to have.

Lady in Black Vintage Fashion Dress
Lady in Black
Golden Temptress: Something about gold keeps us coming back. This art deco gown is reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties and architectural design. For this look, look for vintage midi dresses with a drop waist and beading. A chiffon overlay creates romance and intrigue.
Golden Temptress vintage fashion dress
Golden Temptress
Midnight Goddess: A midnight hue is a top choice for vintage midi dresses. Navy or chocolate blends add warmth and vibrancy to a traditional midi length. Whatever skin type, these darker vintage midi dresses can give your formalwear depth. Focus on peekaboo styles (which are increasingly popular these days) to add intricacy to a one-toned dress.
Midnight Goddess in blue
 Midnight Goddess
Green with Envy: We’ve been in love with green for a while. This love affair travels into vintage midi dresses and cocktail dresses everywhere. Each tone matches in formal occasions outdoor and indoor. This midi also has a sheer depth that makes it dreamy and mysterious.
Green with Envy cocktail dress
Green with Envy
Gothic Queen: If you haven’t heard us say it before, we’ll tell it again. Gothic is not just black. A truly Gothic dress will have elements that are plain and practical with romantic era style. Like a Jane Austen novel come to life, look for squared necklines and empire waist with pastoral tendencies.
Gothic Queen in mauve
Gothic Queen
Faithful attention to vintage detail makes a classic dress. The mid-length skirt or dress has relatable design that is both appropriate and unique. We love vintage midi length, they are iconic and truly differentiate the age-old cocktail dress.

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