Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

by Karen

Early 20th Century Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

Vintage lace wedding dresses carry a timeless, classic beauty that never goes out of style. Vintage lace wedding dresses also come with a history, a story of love, hope and happiness. No matter what the current seasonal trends bring, vintage lace wedding dresses have always been valued for their femininity and elegance.

Bridal wear in 2011 has been heavily influenced by the vintage lace wedding dresses worn throughout the first half of the 20th century. Embellished with Victorian flowers and delicate ribbons, cascading layers and detailed embroidery, these soft, flowing gowns are inspired by the vintage lace wedding dresses of earlier times.

Early 1900s Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

At the turn of the century, opulent vintage lace wedding dresses were still inspired by the famous dress worn by Queen Victoria in the mid 19th century. A high-waisted gown with layers and layers of ornamental lace perfectly complemented the lavish weddings that were popular during this era.Most of the vintage lace wedding dresses were made of satin, although silk and chiffon were also used. The vintage wedding dresses also featured intricate embellishments, from brocading and embroidery to puffy silhouettes and court trains that elegantly draped at the feet or floated down the aisle. Long, lacy veils were worn by most early 20th century brides with their vintage lace wedding dresses.

1920s Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

As the 1920s roared in, American women became empowered by their newly acquired voting rights to experiment with more revealing fashions. The fringy flapper dress, with its shortened hem, dropped waist and scooped neck, had an enormous influence on the silhouettes of vintage lace wedding dresses. No longer constrained by corsets, slips and girdles, these slimmer, less clingy 1920 style dresses were often adorned with only touches of decorative lace. Vintage lace wedding dresses from this era were often paired with floor-length cap veils made of silk tulle and lace, which were perfectly suited for the pixie-style haircuts many women favored at the time.

1930s Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

Settling in their newfound independence, brides of the 1930s returned to more romantic notions of what a bridal gown should be. Reminiscent of the fairy tale dresses seen in books and the flourishing movie industry, vintage lace wedding dresses from this decade typically feature full skirts and cascading, detachable trains. Despite the economic recession, brides indulged in vintage lace wedding dresses made of silk or satin that were ornamented with delicate trimmings and long, removable trains. The vintage lace wedding dresses from the 1930s offer a wider selection in color, as couture wedding dress designers began experimenting with new concepts. While veils remained popular, many chic brides chose to wear a large, elegant hat.

1940s Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

Finding vintage lace wedding dresses from the early 1940s is a difficult task to accomplish. During the world war, simplicity became the buzzword, so impractical luxuries like lace, sequins and embroidered details were rarely included. Still, some beautiful vintage lace wedding dresses exist, although they are likely to feature only a minimal amount of the delicate fabric. Hemlines were also shortened to save fabric, while buttons, beads and pearls made a rare appearance. The joyous celebrations of marriage were much more extravagant after the war ended. A more prosperous economy allowed brides to marry their war heroes in high-collared gowns that gave way to long, puffy sleeves and trailing trains that were adorned with lace, pearls and beading.

1950s Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

With full-figure starlets, such as Marilyn Monroe, capturing the attention of the nation, curve-flattering wedding dresses dripping in dainty lace began appearing in wedding ceremonies. These vintage lace wedding dresses are girly, yet glamorous, modest, yet sensual.

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