Vintage Inspired Fall Weddings – A Guide To Accessorizing and DIY Decor

by Karen

Autumn is an utterly stunning and often underrated time of year for a wedding, especially one with an outdoor ceremony or reception. The golden sunlight filters through the changing leaves, resplendent in regal golds and reds. The weather is crisp and clear- no hot, sweaty days or unexpected Summer cloudbursts to contend with. For a bride who desires a vintage inspired wedding, a number of new style options open up. For a Fall wedding, a dress with cap or lace sleeves would be considered as stylish as a strapped or sleeveless and strapless number. For brides who prefer a little more coverage and modesty, this is fantastic. Choosing the perfect accessories for your vintage inspired Fall wedding is easy when one considers the amazing selection available. Your taste should determine the size and shape of the jewelry and accessories you wear, but here are a few guidelines for making beautiful vintage inspired choices. If the neckline of your dress is very complex, stick with a small, dainty neck accessory. A strand of pearls gives a gorgeous, classic look that makes any bride a beauty, as does a simple chain with a small brooch charm. If your neckline is simple, feel free to pull out those '20s inspired costume jewelry pieces and really rock your vintage style. For outdoor ceremonies, choose pieces that will reflect the colors of nature for an especially gorgeous look. Amber is wonderful at capturing the essence of golden fall sunlight. Rubies and garnets match those dark red changing leaves. Darker green and brown stones are also complementary. Autumn weddings are a wonderful time to wear those beautiful rose gold pieces in your collection that are often hard to match. The colors coordinate beautifully with most Autumn pallettes.
Victorian Antique Cut/Rose Cut Diamond Earrings Victorian Antique Cut/Rose Cut Diamond Earrings
With Autumn weather being perfectly picturesque for outdoor entertaining, DIYers have many fun and gorgeous opportunities to add personal style to their vintage inspired weddings by creating unique décor. Everything from table linens to cups to place cards can be uniquely designed to fit the style of the bride and groom. If you are wondering how you can customize your wedding to create a vintage feel all your own, here are some interesting ideas: Flea markets and antique stores are great places to find old patterned linens that make gorgeous table runners, chair covers, place mats and other wedding décor. They are often available at very reasonable prices, and many shop or stand owners will give a deal to someone buying linens in bulk. The same applies to plate and glassware. If you want a true vintage feeling, don't be afraid to mix and match vintage plates, glasses and teacups. This eclectic and fun look provides a splash of color and a truly authentic feel. One tradition that is coming back into vogue is the use of a birdcage to hold wedding cards, placed on a gift table. Finding an old birdcage may be difficult, but new cages are available at most craft stores along with spray paints in bronze and patina that can be used to create a gorgeous aged effect. Don't be afraid to ask family and friends if they have borrowable items they might like to contribute to your vintage themed wedding. Grandma might just have a closet full of the cutest saucers and dishes while your aunt Suzie has table linens dating all the way back to the 40s. Not only are these true vintage items a great décor addition, they are also precious family relics, adding positive energy and pleasant memories to your special day. Family members will sit and reminisce about other special days in their lives when those linens and plates were used and new, special memories will be attached to them. This is a classic tradition among families. No matter the cut and color, your vintage inspired Fall wedding is sure to be a gorgeous reflection of the love you share with your partner and your fabulous style. With some careful planning and research, you can accessorize and decorate for your ceremony and reception in a way that will make your family and friends smile and say “That is so her!” The classic touches will bring you nothing but joy as you enjoy your special day as a bride.

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