Vintage Inspired Clothes to Disguise Figure Flaws. Part I

by Karen

Everybody knows they can camouflage figure flaws using the right clothing. Not all know how to choose the right gown to match the figure type and disguise main disadvantages. The stylists gathered basic information for the widespread problems. Now we can find out how the details of vintage style can help to improve the silhouette. The problem: Bottom of the figure is too heavy. That means the heavy hips, thighs and sometimes cankles. The Solution: Use black colored gowns for they always slim. If you are not too much plump, try to use puffy sleeves and not too short jackets, otherwise avoid puffy sleeves and pants. In other words, jackets shouldn’t end right at the widest point of the hip. Also try to use straight non-forming pants and if you have the problem of cankles, the pants shouldn’t end at the ankles. Almost all unique vintage pants by Nataya solve this problem. Tango line of Tops fits this figure type.

Unique vintage pants by Nataya

 You can use Nataya Ballerina Skirt and Victorian Frilled Spanish Style Nataya Skirt to make plump silhouette smoother.

Nataya Ballerina Skirt

 The Problem: You are a very petite lady and want to look taller. The Solution: You should use vertical elements to imitate height. Tunic top with leggings also make the silhouette taller. Briefly speaking, unbuttoned tops make slim petite figure taller. Sheath and sheath-like vintage dresses also make the figure taller, sometimes petite models use this trick to look taller on the red carpet.

Vintage fashion party dress in black

 You can focus on Grecian Navy Dress or try some of Titanic Inspired Dresses from recent collections. The problem: You have slender legs but you have saddle bags. The Solution: J Lo made advantage of this widespread disadvantage. Yet if you still would like to camouflage this gift of Mother Nature, try to use tunics ending lower than your hipline. You can also wear dresses with unique vintage upper details. Nataya Tops can underline your best and hide your worst so that you feel free. Nataya Fancy Sensuality Top along with several tops from Titanic Inspired Line will form your hipline and hide the saddle bags.

Nataya Fancy Sensuality Top in black

  The problem: You have skinny or thin arms, but your figure is quite alright. The solution: Use puffy and air sleeves, especially if they made of thin fabrics like chiffon. Avoid fitting sleeves as they can make the arms even slimmer. Nataya Tops and the dresses like Neo Classical Dress in Ivory will solve your little skinny problem.

Neo Classical Dress in Ivory

 To be continued…

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