Vintage Inspired Anniversary Flower Ideas

by Karen

There are certain milestones in every relationship in which the celebration should go above and beyond a dinner date. Celebrate these landmarks by choosing one of our vintage inspired anniversary flower ideas. These ideas will allow you to match your own unique style with traditions handed down through generations, including the traditional anniversary flower types that represent certain sentiments for specific years. 

Anniversary Flower Types:

  • 3 Years - Fuchsia
  • 5 Years - Daisy
  • 10 Years - Daffodil
  • 15 Years - Rose
  • 20 Years - Daylily
  • 25 Years - Iris
  • 30 Years - Sweet Pea
  • 40 Years - Nasturtium


The traditional gifts of a three-year anniversary revolve around leather and fuchsias. Fuchsias represent an abundance, which in this case it’s safe to assume it’s referencing the abundance of love in your marriage. This anniversary flower type offers a prime opportunity for a vintage DIY project. Purchase or gather five to ten fuchsias, removing leaves but keeping stems around six inches long. Wrap some leather cording two or three times around the bouquet, midway up the stems, and then secure the leather with a vintage brooch.


Daisies are the chosen flower of five-year anniversary celebrations, representing the innocence of a wedded future. Wood is the traditional gift for this anniversary, so consider combining the two by placing a bouquet of daisies in a wooden vase.


The ten-year anniversary is big milestone for any couple, and it’s traditionally celebrated with daffodils and tin. This anniversary is all about simplicity, showing that the love between two people is more important than lavish gifts. But that doesn’t mean that this anniversary can’t be beautifully represented with a DIY vintage style anniversary flower project. A celebration is in order, so throw a book themed garden party. For the centerpieces, you’ll need:
  • Vintage Tin Trays
  • Daffodil Bouquets
  • Vintage Books
Top the vintage tin trays with bouquets of daffodils and a stack of vintage books. Check your local used bookstores for the most authentic looking titles.


Roses are used to celebrate the milestone of 15 years of wedded bliss. These traditional beauties represent the simplicity of love between two people. Roses have been modified to come in a variety of colors, but red roses are still the most common for the celebration of love. Consider attaching a rose to a piece of jewelry for a creative way to celebrate your anniversary. Take the representation a step further by using a crystal-covered accessory, which is the corresponding gift for the 15th anniversary.


Daylilies represent wisdom, making them a perfect match for the 20-year anniversary. You’ve lived, learned and loved, so now celebrate your earned wisdom by throwing a tea party. The 20th anniversary is also linked to fine china, so arrange daylilies with your vintage tea sets to create appropriately themed centerpieces.


The iris is part of the 25-year anniversary celebration. This flower represents a promise of a successful marriage, which at 25-years, the promise has definitely been fulfilled. If you’re planning to throw a garden party for your anniversary, consider attaching a single, vibrant colored iris to a vintage headpiece. Choose a floral headband in white to contrast the vivid purple or blue of the iris. This is a perfect way to add a meaningful accessory to your vintage style. 

Vintage inspired white dress

Sweet Pea

Thirty-years of marriage is celebrated with sweet pea flowers and pearl accessories. Sweet peas represent devotion, an accurate description for any couple that has made it to the 30-year mark. Such a big anniversary definitely deserves a huge celebration. Planning large celebrations can be stressful, so skip the mess by reading our blog regarding tips to avoid disaster: “Garden Party Gone Wrong – Not on Our Watch.”


The 40th anniversary is a huge milestone for couples. The nasturtium is representative of remembrance, which is an accurate representation of such a significant event in the lives of two people. Consider drying and pressing a nasturtium, and then framing it on the wall to remember all the wonderful years you’ve spent together. Have you fused vintage items into your anniversary celebrations? Let us know in the comments. Or if need more ideas for flower arrangements, check out our post “A Guide to Vintage Inspired Wedding Flower Arrangements” for more vintage inspired anniversary flower inspirations.

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