Vintage evening sets: Focus on Skirts

by Karen

At least once in every gal’s life she made a choice she was not 100% satisfied with… a choice of the right skirt. We admire the perfect style of those Red Carpet Icons, and we are mad about the trends coming out of Milan or Paris. But why then are we disappointed when we save up the money to buy that long-awaited piece of clothing? There may be different reasons for it. The skirt may not fit, it may shrink, or, finally, the skirt does match your figure type at all, let alone the price So, we ask ourselves: “How could I?!… Me, who is such a skilled shopper?!..” But wait! We now have a little guidance for you to keep in mind while choosing the perfect style of skirts… especially when it comes to choosing a vintage inspired skirt. Be frank with yourself and identify your flaws honestly along with the positives. Using your figure type and be honest with yourself.

Wide hips

You should avoid frilled skirts, skirts with gatherings or bubble bottomed skirts. Also try to avoid wearing skirts with expressive knee-lines. It is better to use blazing tunics or blouses to match perfectly fitting midi or long-length skirts. Long flapper style skirts may be a wise decision in this case.

Chiffon skirt by Nataya

Narrow hips

Avoid those skirts with middle elements or any other vertical elements. Use obvious horizontal elements instead. The perfect look can be achieved by including the riffle and ruffle skirts into your wardrobe. The 50’s and 60’s inspired models are the perfect choice.

Vintage fashion nataya mint skirt

 (Nataya Mint Skirt)

Large buttocks

Avoid skirts with gatherings and ruffles; unless they fall below your buttocks line. Straight skirts without extraordinary bottoms are perfect for you and don’t forget to add a few fitted tops and jackets in your wardrobe. The set based on straight skirts and 40’s or 60’s style jackets will come out supreme!

Rockability Nataya Skirts
 (The Rockability Nataya Skirts)

Short Legs

If you cannot deny that you have a heavy torso and very short legs you shouldn’t wear ruffle skirts. Try either ballet inspired flats or high heeled shoes. Use long jackets and always opt for a mid-calf skirt. Use two-piece sets in the same color to cover up your main flaws. High-waistline skirts are your everything!

Nataya Tulle Skirts finishing in the middle of calves
 (Nataya Tulle Skirts finishing in the middle of calves)

Long waistline

Some gals have long waistlines. If you discover this flaw, you’d better stop wearing belts and low-waistline skirts (the 1920’s style). Use either very wide belts of the same color as your skirts or dresses with yokes.

Titanic inspired tulle skirts in blue
 (The Titanic inspired tulle skirts)

Short Waistline

Unlike the previous occasion, you should avoid wearing 40’s inspired skirts. Avoid accessorizing yourself with wide belts too. If you are mad about the flapper style then you can feel free to let please your soul. 1920’s inspired items always have low waistlines and thin belts on the hips.

1920’s style inspired skirts
 (The 1920’s style inspired skirts)

A few extra pounds

Gals who are too skinny but dream of looking as if they have several extra pounds must include pinup miniskirts in their wardrobe. You cannot do without skirts with gatherings and 3D prints. Your preference must be on the “lighter side”, that is, the lighter the color of the skirt the better it will look on you. You can even afford to wear expressive horizontal elements or stripe prints on your sets.

Spanish style skirt by Nataya
 (The Spanish style skirt by Nataya)

You’re Tallish

The tallish gals should have at least several skirts of the above-knee length. Afterwards, here are some tips for vintage inspired styles of skirts. You can use it as a quiz to test your personal style. Full skirts (1950’s Style) regardless if they are with or without prints, they will make you into a perfectly flirty lady. Stylists argue about the shapes of such silhouettes. Some claim it is better only for slender gals, others believe it will be suitable even for plump ones. But they all agree on one thing: you need to have the right shoes, either in pastel colors or with applications matching your skirt. Your sets must correlate.

Vintage Flirty skirts by Nataya

 (The Vintage Flirty skirts by Nataya)

Medium length skirt is believed to be universal. The pencil skirt (the 1940’s or 60’s style) will go better for the more proportional gals (of regular and plus sizes) but it won’t correlate if you have a low waistline or a heavy lower body. One other benefit this style always makes your legs look slender. Long skirts (the 1900’s inspired, 70’s or 80’s inspired, boho chic style) with prints will go with most gals. But the gals who cannot boast about their perfect height should wear this style as often as possible.

Ballerina Skirts by Nataya in black
 (The Ballerina Skirts by Nataya)

Narrow skirts (1930’s Hollywood style) will do better for the ladies with narrow hip and slender legs. But if you can confess you have wide calves, you’d better pick up the bell-bottomed variations of narrow skirts. If you are very petite, wear midi or mini lengths, nothing prevents you from doing this!

Nataya Vintage Skirts in Mauve

(Nataya Vintage Skirts in Mauve)

Bell Bottomed Narrow Skirts with soutache
 (Bell Bottomed Narrow Skirts with soutache)
We hope these simple tips will provide you some much needed assistance when choosing the perfect vintage inspired skirts for these Vintage Style Sets.

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