Velvet Dresses and Coats: Timeless Classics

by Karen

Lovers of all things velvet, today’s post is for you. Velvet is a classic fabric that has truly endured the test of time. Today, we give you a glimpse into our velvet selection here at


To start off, we bring you Nataya’s Refined Velvet Cocktail Gown, perfect for any party. The black colors exude elegance with a trendy Great Gatsby feel. It mimics the vintage style of the 20s as well as the latest episodes of Downton Abbey.
Nataya’s Refined Velvet Cocktail Gown
Up next is another new arrival in our vintage collection at The champagne colored velvet Downton Abbey style coat is perfect for a fall wedding dress. Try this coat in chocolate if you are the mother of the bride or groom
Champagne colored velvet Downton Abbey style coat
Our vintage style skirt by Nataya can be classified as both 40s and 50s. Its slimming black velvet gives you the gorgeous look of a pinup gal. This pencil skirt pairs well with a black camisole or other fitted blouse with black undertones.
Vintage style skirt by Nataya


Our vintage collection would be incomplete without the navy blue 1920s style cocktail dress. Perfect for flapper inspired parties, it is an affordable alternative to many of the famous art deco inspired brands. This fun dress provides a great solution for the lovers of the 1920s era who don’t like too many rhinestones.
Navy blue 1920s style cocktail dress
For your winter events, we proudly present the Ferry Coat. This coat is not too pricey and pairs well with a vintage style wedding or evening gown. This warm coat comes in ruby and black, two beautiful and timeless colors. Black is considered to be one of the most versatile colors and goes amazingly with almost every other color. Whether or not you have a keen eye for matching, this coat is for you. If you plan to wear an evening gown in grey, black, red, ruby, or silver you absolutely must have the ruby variation of this coat.
Vintage style wedding coat
Today, we are keeping it short and sweet, leaving you plenty of time to browse our luxurious velvet selection. Happy shopping!

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