The Upper Waist Dresses in Vintage Style: Part One

by Karen

Upper waist dresses first appeared in Ancient Egypt. Egyptian gals were the first to tie up their skirts right under the bust line. This trick made their busts look more impressive.
Ancient Egypt Egyptian gals
Today, many designers and fashionistas are in love with this dress style. You can see the aforementioned cut during various runway shows. Some of these dresses are great for walking or casual events. Others may be suitable for wedding or evening affairs. Usually, evening dresses are extra long in length, and their waists follow right after their bust lines. Most fashionistas choose upper waist dresses for walks with a friend or shopping. The upper waist dresses can be easily paired with leggings and ballet-style shoes. Upper waistline dresses look especially breathtaking on slender gals with perfect figures. But this dress was invented for the second time during the Regency or Empire period so that even the plumper gals could look more slender. If you are plus-sized, you may prefer upper waist dresses made of rigid fabrics. The aforementioned fabrics won’t make your figure look heavier. If you have a wide waist, you may select the necessary models in an A-silhouette (perhaps with some unique ornaments). The skirt of this dress may have a bell-bottom. In this case, your figure will be emphasized and all of its troublesome issues will be camouflaged. The modern trends of 2012 are full of ruches, asymmetrical elements or embroidery, and drape. Many stylists, however, warn that if you have issues, you should skip wearing such styles. Designers such as Nataya offer “one-shoulder dresses.” Such dresses look especially great if they’re made of rigid fabrics.
One shoulder dress by Nataya

(One shoulder dress, upper waist)

The most desirable palettes for the aforementioned style are there: blue, turquoise, red, gray and pink. The single-colored models and flower ornamentals are now the top models of upper waist dresses. You may prefer golden or silver colors for special (evening) affairs. Black or white upper waist dresses will never go out of fashion. If you are a brave gal, you may prefer upper waist dresses in flesh or apricot colors. Still, you must be really brave, as such dresses will create the illusion of a naked body. 

Upper waist dresses
Upper waist dress in apricot

(upper waist dress in apricot)

A choice design of this season is the one-shoulder upper waist dress in some playing colors.

Upper Waist Wedding Dresses

Upper waist wedding dresses in black will never go out of fashion. Nevertheless, you should choose the placement for the waist according to whether it will emphasize your figure properly. You may choose the waistline right under the bust line, a little lower or higher than the true waist, or lower than the upper waist.

Upper Waist Dresses for Evening Affairs

If you are looking for the proper evening model with the upper waist, you may purchase longer models. Variations that are more modest are knee-length dresses with the upper waist. You may discover Nataya’s bestseller — the Empire Dress in black — as it’s just what you need for evening occasions.
Empire Knee Length Dress in black
An upper waist dress will look more than just stunning if you pair it with an airy shawl. This is particularly true when you attend a wedding in some cool gardens or near the seashore after twilight. The Grecian-Style Dress with the upper waist will make you look just like a Greek or Roman goddess. Stop at this model if it is your most beloved dress!
Grecian-Style Dress in blue

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