Upper Waist Dresses in Vintage Style Part II

by Karen

A thin waist is probably the most attractive part of the female body. Thus, designers throughout history have invented dress styles and models to reveal the waistline or, on the contrary, to hide it.
Vintage style dress, upper waist line

(vintage style dress, upper waist line)

During reigns of kings and queens, fashion designers prescribed the corset, but there were also decades when ladies rested from wearing heavy corsets. (By the way, Nataya dresses are the right models for creating a corset-style illusion without wearing a corset.) As we mentioned previously, Napoleon’s reign witnessed the “rebirth” of the so-called Empire-style dress that made many ladies look truly romantic and feminine. The upper waist dress enjoyed a rebirth during the period of Titanic-style fashion.
vintage style dress titanic-style fashion

(vintage style dresses, upper waistline)

The Art Deco style makes the waist lower, and the 1950s were the milestone years for the waistline elements, as Messier Dior’s dresses put the waist on its actual place on the body. Only in the 1980s did many haute couture brands start to include upper waistline dresses in their collections. Today, the upper waist dresses, especially those that are vintage inspired, comprise the single genre of the dress. The upper waist dress calls for a special attitude and mood. As we mentioned before, evening dresses and casual dresses may differ. In many cases today, upper waist dresses are made in knee length. You may choose a dress with either an open or closed décolleté line. The cocktail party demands that you wear open and free models with the open décolleté.
Art Deco style in white
The Empire dress is the commonly accepted term for the dress with the upper waistline. Such a dress is good for prom balls and formals. If you choose the style with the upper waist right below the bust line (like those dresses worn during Napoleon’s reign), you won’t regret it. The double belt or double belt elements will also attract many to your bust line. Such dresses for romantic dates or formals will make you look like a touching and romantic person.

Some Tips and Tricks for Upper Waist Dresses

Dresses where the upper layer is made of pleats will give you the flair of an airy gal. Such dresses may be good even for plus-sized ladies. An upper waist dress may correct your figure if you have belly problems. Such dresses are especially good for pregnant brides or guests of honor. If you are not pregnant, you may wear high heels such as stiletto-style heels without worrying about your little peculiarities. As for pregnant ladies, you may experiment with the colors, length and styles. A vintage-style dress with the upper waist will look especially memorable if it is paired with a lace bolero (preferably in the same colors as the dress). You may choose the short sleeves for spring or summer affairs and long sleeves for the winter or fall occasions.
Vintage-style dress

(vintage style dress, upper waistline)

Knee-length upper waist dresses may go well with elegant wedge shoes.

Summer Upper Waist Dresses 2012

Summer dresses are good for fans of the romantic style. In this case you may love rigid fabrics such as as chiffon or tulle. Also, you may love babydoll dresses with the upper waist.
Vintage babydoll dresses

(vintage style dress, upper waistline)

Single-colored dresses with the upper waist are great for hot cocktail parties and salsa dancing. Summer dresses with the upper waist are successfully paired with airy scarves and shawls in modest colors.

Styles That Are a Perfect Match for Upper Waist Dresses

Many designers invent new fashions and supplements for the upper waist dresses. As for casual dresses, you may fall in love with the perfect Nataya jackets for the upper waistline dresses. If you have huge hips, you should wear jackets that fall lower than your hip line. You can check the part 1 here: 


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