Unique Custom-made Shoes in Vintage Style

by Karen

Ladies, we hope you are having a wonderful day, and it’s sure to be if you’ve dropped by wardrobeshop.com. Perhaps you are looking for a dress to wear for your sister’s, daughter’s, or son’s wedding. Or maybe you are searching for the perfect wedding dress for yourself. Don’t forget about the engagement party and rehearsal. We’ve got the perfect collection of unique custom-made shoes reflecting found in vintage style to complete your look.
 At wardrobeshop.com, our custom-made shoes primarily come from two leading designers: Nora Karen and Victoria Clayton. Hand painted are the two words that best describe these amazing vintage shoes. Nora Karen’s wardrobeshop.com collection is comprised of flapper inspired dance shoes with peacock ornaments. Victoria Clayton leans toward Victorian or Edwardian era inspired crochet laces.
With ornaments specifically designed for wedding shoes, pastel colors and vintage flair makes Clayton’s shoes rather Downton Abbey’esque. These shoes are ideal for brides over 30 as well as mothers of the brides and elder sisters. Karen’s style is well suited for offbeat brides, lovers of the roaring 20s and bridesmaids.
Regardless of your age, taste, or favorite vintage trend, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for at wardrobeshop.com.
Let’s have a glimpse at some interesting models for vintage inspired ladies.
If you are a lover of Jane Austin’s novels, the Downton Abbey series, or Titanic style Edwardian romance, you will fall in love with the Odette ballet flats. These shoes go perfectly with the 1800-1915’s style dresses for prom, graduation and vintage inspired engagement dresses.
Odette ballet flats
These models created by Victoria Clayton’s designs, are closely associated with the early 1920’s and late 1910’s style shoes, making them extremely versatile. Pair them with Downton Abbey or Titanic style dresses. Fans of jazz and flapper era Charleston tunes can complete the look of low waist dresses by Nataya.
Flapper style wedding shoes
Stunning on brides, cream-colored lace bridal shoes fit the Downton Abbey romance line, thanks to the lace embroidery work on top of the shoes. The Clara wedges are meant for the mothers of the brides or grooms .
Cream-colored lace bridal shoes
Clara wedges shoes
However, the most versatile model is definitely Lilian. The tiny heel of this particular style makes it comfortable for pregnant brides who cannot tolerate high heels. It is also great for mothers of the bride or groom as well as younger bridesmaids, flower girls and house party members.
Vintage inspired ballet flats, Model "Lillian"
Starting with Nora Karen's lin, we have the peacock painted Marcela, which comes in jade and emerald shades.
Wedge lovers cannot live without the peacock model named Leah .
Peacock painted Marcela
Unique Vintage style bridal shoes in Cream, Model "Leah"
Moving on to more of Nora Karen’s creations, brides adorned in white dress or bridesmaids in rose pink gowns absolutely must have the peacock Deborah shoes. And finally, Ginger is our classy 1920s inspired flapper style, with its long toe, medium square heels and peacock ornamentation.
Deborah shoes
Deborah vintage fashion shoes
This is but a mere taste of our unique collection found at wardrobeshop.com. Please drop by our page to check out the complete collection of vintage style custom-made shoes.

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