Under Clothes: Make Your Clothes Fit Better: Panties

by Karen

We all wear them; let’s make sure we are wearing the right ones for our bodies. Under clothes make your clothes fit better and your panties fall into a special category of their own. No longer do you have only a few choices in panties; from boy cut to brief, from thong to hipster, there are styles to fit every body. Because, let’s face it, none of us like panty lines. Start slow. Clean out your lingerie drawer; throw away anything that is too big or too small. Then, go shopping. Try on each of the styles below. Because some of these may be new to you, be sure to give them a chance. Maybe pick up a pair or two of a new style in an inexpensive brand to see if it works for you. Remember, different styles work differently with different outfits. Bikini – covers most of the important areas, rides just about or above the hip and cuts the bum in a comfortable diagonal. Just be sure to refresh your inventory as this style tends to lose elasticity quicker than other styles; especially cotton ones. Also, this style sometimes causes panty lines with tight or form-fitting dresses. High-Waist Brief – great for reducing the bulge that happens in the lower mid section as we age. This style is great with dresses that fit close to the waist. Hipster Brief – very similar to the High-Waist Brief but without the extra support. This style will hug your hips and cover your bum. Great for dresses without a tight waist. Wide Waistband Thong – like a string thong but with slightly more coverage. This style is for people who want the invisibility of a thong but at the same time like to have a more substantial waistband. Boy Short Thong – like the wide waistband thong and the high waist brief combined. If you are looking for the support of a high waist brief and the invisibility of the thong, this is the style for you. Boy Short – invisibility without the thong and comfortable. These are the best style for all body types. Find ones that are seamless and you can wear them with any outfit. Thigh Huggers – similar to a guy’s boxer brief. This style combines shaping in the upper thigh area with a high waist brief. Perfect for shaping the abs and smoothing the thighs at the same time. Be sure to pay close attention to the fabric of your favorite style. Smoother fabric reduces the friction against your clothes and therefore reduces static and wrinkles. Also, don't just stick to black, white, and beige. Spice things up in your lingerie drawer with lots of colors and prints. Find your true personality and express it freely; even if you are the only one who knows about it. You will feel better just knowing there is something special that only you know about.

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