Tunic-Style Vintage: Dresses and Tops 2012

by Karen

Recently, we shared the most popular trend for this spring-summer season — wearing jeans with vintage-style tops. Still, we must confess that it is not the only trend for the coming season. Some summer runway collections, as well as the Fall Collection of Giorgio Armani, showed off alternative tendencies such as tunic-style dresses or tops over semi-ankle length leggings and knee-length shorts in black.
Tunic-style dresses in black

Today, we have gathered all the best vintage-style tops and dresses that can be worn as tunics over leggings or black shorts. Depending on the style of a certain item, we’ll give some perfect recommendations and tricks on how to wear these styles.

So, let’s have a look at the sexiest and most vivid styles of tunic tops by Nataya.

Let’s start with one of our bestselling models — the Sensuality Top. The model is available in two colors: black and ivory. We would also like to remind you that the black model is available for plus sizes as well. These items pair perfectly with black shorts (you may also pair the ivory top with the ivory knee-length shorts). But this model looks especially great if it’s paired with black leggings in semi-ankle length.
The Chiffon Artisan Top by Nataya is also great for black knee-length shorts or trousers. Also, if you pair this top with black or deep violet leggings in any length, you will have another great look for matinees or dancing parties. The light style of the top lets its owner feel free and airy, as if she is near the seashore, and it is also great for hot disco evenings.
Vintage-style tops and dresses
The Bohemian Top in red will go with full-length or ankle-length leggings in black. This look is definitely for passionate dates.
Bohemian Top in red
Nataya’s Summer Dress in green goes only with the short semi-ankle leggings. The perfect style of the dress lets it remain vivid, whereas black leggings will give a necessary plus to the look. Such tunic-style outfits will be especially stunning for cool spring or fall evenings.
Nataya’s Summer Dress in green
Nataya’s Sexy Top in pink will also emphasize the romantic beauty of its owner if she wears it with black semi-ankle leggings and a pair of overalls with a black leather clutch.
Nataya’s Sexy Top in pink
His Majesty’s Kaftan by Nataya is just what the doctor ordered for the black knee-length pants in black. Your look will be rather classic, and that means you may be 100% sure that you look great! The sexy cat eye makeup or smoky eye makeup with their use of dark grey shadows will make you the center of any evening affair.
Majesty’s Kaftan by Nataya
Here is an unexpected idea — you may wear a babydoll dress in lavender as a tunic with light lavender or light white leggings in the length that is a little bit over the knee. The style looks really lolly, but this look is fit like no other for alternative brides or bridesmaids in candy (lollipop) weddings or infant-style weddings.
Babydoll dress in lavender
Two airy-style dresses by Nataya in red and green will go great only with the black leggings in a length lower than the knee.
Airy-style dresses by Nataya in red

Finally, let us introduce the most unique idea by Nataya — the Bohemian Dress in short length. This dress will go with black leggings in knee length and with black leggings in the length that is a little bit lower than knee.

Bohemian Dress in short length

We hope you will enjoy creating styles and looks that follow the new modern traditions while giving nods to the best working retro styles.

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