Trend-2017: Flounces

by Karen

Cloaks, flounces, ruches: all of these are details that embody one of the most notable trends of not only the spring and summer, but also the upcoming autumn and winter seasons! Fashion trends that include flounces, frills and ruches date back to the Middle Ages. The trend developed rapidly during the Renaissance and reached its peak during the Victorian era.

Cowgirl Short White Skirt by Marrika Nakk


Today, clothes with flounces crest on the edge of popularity! This feminine decor always gives an image of romance and sophistication, no matter where it is: all along the material, at the bottom of the hem, on the sleeves, or even on the collar. Lovers of aesthetic minimalism, don't you worry — it won't be too lavish, overblown or pretentious!

Delillah Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress in Blue by Nataya

Go with muted shades, with a priority towards black and white, and use accessories for more recognizable styling—scarves with floral print and fringe reminiscent of a mantilla, just to name a few. In particular, this trend will be appropriate for festivals and solemn ceremonies—think of how much liveliness and attractiveness will be added to your image by this bold choice! With all of that in mind, we've prepared a selection of the most feminine articles with flounces for you!


Lady of the Fog Dress in Blue Topaz/Blush by Nataya

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