Top Styles for a Themed Bridal Shower

by Karen

In the middle of the park, small cafe tables are set up on the green grass. Delicate mini-cakes are topped with fondant and edible button flowers. A soft breeze pulls the scent of tulips from the vases and lifts gently the lace table cloths. Light laughing becomes distinct as the group of girls prance hand-in-hand to their seats. Dressed in sweetly embroidered chiffon, decked in high tea hats, some tiny atop their heads and some sweeping gracefully above their brow, the bridal shower has begun without a hitch. When invited to a bridal shower, ladies shouldn't need compromise. They shouldn't need deliberation. The bride and her ladies should have everything they need to make that day special. Themed bridal showers are a fantastic time to implement a custom made vintage dress and we have compiled a feast of Wardrobeshop originals for some of the most popular of this year's themed bridal showers. Enjoy! Garden Party: A garden party themed bridal shower is one of the best for our flowing, romantic inventions. Whether you're looking for a dress designed in a specific era or you want something stunning, comfortable and breezy, we have a wide array of dresses perfect for this floral succulent event. Imagine yourself in a garden, surrounded by the scent of magnolia, lilac, and rose as you sit gracefully at the bride's brunch table in this silver and bronze art-deco inspired gown. For added effect, we suggest the Lady Alexandra hat, adorned with light feathers and dipped gracefully to one side, this is a splendid match to your dress.

Garden Party dress
Garden Party
Garden Party hat
Garden Party

High Tea Event: Ah the elegance of a high tea themed bridal shower. Sweetened with dyed sugar cubes, delicate tea cups and saucers and, of course, devonshire cream, there will be nothing stopping you from loving this theme. The perfect dress, then, must be found. For the vintage lovers, we make nothing but the best inspired vintage gowns. The Othelia Viscose Chiffon Nataya Ivory/Tea Dress is a timeless classic tea-length silhouette that includes all nostalgic elements of the days of old. Coupled with, of course, the ultimate English hat, you'll look like a native wherever high tea may be.

Othelia Viscose Chiffon Nataya Ivory/Tea Dress
High Tea Event
High Tea Event Ultimate English hat
High Tea Event

Summer Fiesta: When the heat is on, take a walk on the wild side with one of our extravagantly designed gowns. Whether the summer fiesta is in the back yard, an authentic restaurant, or at the beach, the perfect fiesta attire will be yours. Draped in the La Belle Epoque Inspired Dress, you will salsa, sashay, and shimmy the event away with class. Designed with a unique epoque print, you will mesh perfectly with the sights and sounds of this spicy Mexican themed bridal shower.

Summer Fiesta Dress 
Summer Fiesta
Blackjack Casino: Who needs lady luck? Turn yourself into luck itself with this glamorous embroidered and beaded 1920's inspired flapper cocktail dress. Stunning in that color of cash, bring in the bride's wedding with all the snake eyes and velvet carpeting that a destination casino themed bridal shower can muster. This dress, also, will match with a flapper style hat, reminiscent of the classic tuxedo.
Blackjack Casino flapper style hat
Blackjack Casino
Themed bridal showers are as unique as the bride. In a fantastic array of design and style, any theme can become a girl's playground. With memories being made (and a few fantastic pictures, too) let one of our inspired blends of sweet and seductive become the dress of the evening; bride, bridesmaids, guests and all.

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