The Top Dresses for 2013, The year of the Black Snake

by Karen

Time flies, doesn’t it? It seems that it was only yesterday that we were celebrating the Year of the Black Dragon and were choosing the best Nataya styles of the 2011 collections. However, we don’t stand still and don’t stop, and with the Chinese Horoscope contstantly moving forward—the Year of the Black Snake is upon us.  In the Oriental tradition, the snake is the patron of success and femininity. Consider this; if you are about to celebrate a homemade vintage-style affair; the snake hates rushed events! If you are planning an event with a family atmosphere, you can be sure of the guidance of the symbol of the year J. Before the new year, try to think back on all your successes of 2012. Try also to remember all your failures. Do this when you are alone at home or taking a stroll outside. Then, let everything go. What do Oriental thinkers recommend in regards to the color trends for the new year? As we have mentioned, the coming year is the Year of the Black Snake, so the color you wear for any affair should have black or dark blue tones. The new collection by Nataya, as well as her old ones, are full of Victorian-inspired and Old Hollywood-inspired styles that are just right for such a purpose. So all the styles mentioned below will be perfect for your homemade affair. Remember the following: emerald, teal, blue, and black are the colors that most of you will want to wear for the coming year. But! If you really want to throw a fabulous homemade party that is open to your close friends and relatives, please make sure that your outfit looks really profound and aristocratic, not homemade stylish. Can your outfit look great without being too costly? Yes and the way to do it is with light shawls, sequins, rhinestones, and embroidery, all of which are just fine for your accessories and will make you look galant without breaking you piggy bank. Everyone knows that snakes tend to change their skin, so you may want to think about changing yours. Try to visit a cosmetologist for a peeling procedure and an update to your hairstyle and hair color. Here is a list of the best styles by Nataya from the new and older collections for you to dawn for a Black Snake Year homemade party. Click each picture to find out more about the dresses. The next Edwardian dress has been described in our other posts as the style that recalls the flavor of Downton Abbey. The color of the dress fits the color scheme of the year perfectly!

Edwardian dress in blue

 Want another blue dress in the Edwardian style? Nataya’s Titanic-Style Dress in gun/metal may suit you just fine. 

Let’s keep going with the styles inspired by Downton Abbey. You will love the following three Titanic style dresses in various shades of black.

Nataya’s Titanic-Style Dress in gun/metal


Titanic style dress


Dress styles inspired by Downton Abbey


 This black lace two-piece outfit is the perfect set for those who love luxury, modernity, and the past. Just look at it. I bet you won't think it is simply a common set! 

Black lace two-piece outfit

We cannot help but mention this beautiful Old Hollywood-inspired dress as the perfect dress for homemade parties. Regardless of the accessories you choose, the style looks “Old Hollywoodish,” and thus it will remain the symbol of something really precious. So what about looking precious without using platinum or gold? 

Old Hollywood-inspired dress

Nataya’s black Tulle Dress is one of our bestsellers and is still waiting for its happy owner even though most of the sizes have not been available since Black Friday. 

Nataya’s black Tulle Dress

What works even better than good old classics? This bestseller that recently returned to our collection and is available for all regular sizes.

Vintage-Era Dress in rose/black

 And don’t forget this one: the beautiful Vintage-Era Dress in emerald. 

Vintage-Era Dress in emerald


Let us finish our list of the top Nataya dresses for the Year of the Black Snake parties with the following flapper style. Some sizes are still available, and if you want to please “the hostess” of 2013 with a roaring Charleston ensemble, you are sure to find this dress to be just what you need!

Vintage fashion nataya dresses in blue

 We wish you a Happy Black snake year!

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