Top 7 Vintage Dresses for Your Holiday Festivities

by Karen

Fall is in full swing, and soon you will be hearing the children beg for a trick or treat. Before you know it, the turkey timer will go off to share a Thanksgiving meal, and then it will be time to decorate your Christmas tree. 

As you gear up for the holidays, no doubt your attention will be divided as you celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. Some of these grand events may be far more important to you than many traditional holiday festivities. Either way, we’ve got you covered at
Keeping you in mind, we’ve put our whole heart into selecting the following seven vintage style gowns for your biggest moments to close out 2013. We hope you enjoy!
The Titanic dress in black and coco will look splendid on ladies of all ages. Are you preparing for an opera debut or piano recital? This gown is must have! If you are planning your own engagement or you are a mother of the bride or groom, this dress is a superb choice, whether you celebrate in the glamour of a restaurant or the comfort of your own home. It is also an ideal choice for anniversary celebrations for ladies over 50.
Titanic dress in black and coco
For a new twist in our Titanic line, try the Lady Mary inspired dresses found in both black and champagne. The black, as always, can be worn to virtually any event and looks exceptionally lovely for family restaurant gatherings. The champagne dress is wonderful for events held in your home as well as for high tea birthday parties.
Lady Mary inspired dresses
If you are planning to attend engagement parties, dances, a first date, birthday parties, or anniversary celebrations for young couples, look no further than the Flirty Party Dress by Nataya. The navy and sapphire colors will look splendid at your evening affair.
Flirty Party Dress by Nataya in navy
Another alternative to the navy blue Flirty Party Dress is the art deco dress in gunpowder. The chocolate and jade variations are perfect for evening events as well. However, this particular dress is not for our dancing gals, unless you plan to spend the evening slowly swooning to romantic songs. The seductive style of this dress lends itself to first dates, wedding anniversaries and birthday parties for the younger ladies.
Art deco dress in gunpowder
If you are not a fan of chocolate or black, then check out the maple and ruby shades of our best selling Othelia Dress. This airy dress will turn out well in photo shoots and is sure to get loads of compliments at your next birthday or engagement party. Wear it to jazz dances as well.
Vintage fashion othelia Dress
Have we piqued your interest with the Othelia dress? If you are planning a photo shoot near the sea and are considering the Othelia dress, may we suggest the lilac and periwinkle versions of the Nataya Bloom Dress. It will really pop against the lovely blue of the water.
Nataya Bloom Dress
Our last dress falls under the Edwardian Titanic style. Well suited for mothers of the bride, it is a great choice to wear to your children’s engagement party. Save it for birthdays and anniversaries as well. Bring it out again on a romantic dinner date with your husband. It will turn heads on board the cruise ship whether traveling on vacation or for your very own honeymoon.
Edwardian Titanic style dress
We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our closet here at Have fun planning your holiday events!

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