Tips for the Skinnies: How to select the best sets for the wardrobe

by Karen

Is being skinny a dream come true? Some puny little things wouldn’t say so. Sometimes Skinnies suffer because of their flaws even more than plus-sized gals. Here are some tips on how to find flattering dresses for very skinny gals whose size is less than S.

Skinny Knees

Sometimes skinny gals are ashamed of their skinny knees. So, the best solution may be to avoid dresses, pants and skirts over the knee line. When you are looking for a perfect dress, check every detail of your selection, as the bust line may be working for you but the length of the dress may reveal other problem areas. The full-skirt style of the 1950s retro is not flattering for skinny gals, even though they are longer than the knee line. Such styles may look on you as if you have borrowed this dress from your tallest friend. You should also wear the right style shoes so that your knee won’t look too bony or anorexic.


Empire dress in Charcoal/Berry


Empire dress in Charcoal/Berry

Big Prints

We cannot deny that Skinnies have fewer problems finding clothes than plus-sized gals, but you shouldn’t underestimate your problems either. For instance, big prints, such as big printed flowers and big geometrical shapes, make your figure look even more petite and skinny than it actually is. The skinny girl can look as if she were “shrinking” in her dress, but there are some styles that accentuate the flaws even worse than the aforementioned prints. For example, ankle-length added to heavy fabrics in a wrap-style dress would be unflattering to the figure. Slender gals should always give preference to trousers and palazzos. If you want to look more feminine than androgenic, you may also take into account the style and the length of the trousers.
Nataya mermaid gown

Nataya mermaid gown

Best Fabrics

Stylists claim that skinny gals shouldn’t choose dresses and outfits in hard fabrics because they will accentuate the size and the frailness of the figure. The fabrics should be airy, breezy or rigid. This is the rule for every dress, set or outfit for skinny gals. Jackets and trousers should be matched according to the contrasts of the colors. The dress should not try to amplify your size, but, rather, by using the right accessories you can add the additional volume and make your shape more appealing. Bows, frills on the skirts, or scarves can give the necessary volume without making you look like Twiggy in the Queen Latifah’s dress. A dress with Kimono-style sleeves will look perfect on you.

Dresses ala Marilyn Monroe

What dresses are best for Skinnies? The cut-out bust line dresses are the perfect style for very thin ladies. Audrey Tautou, the famous Amelie, couldn’t find her personal style because her skinny figure is far from what is considered perfect. Finally, the actress found a very suitable style: she wears a cut-out dress. Now, this actress is not afraid of wearing darker colors, even black. The play on transparency and shadows may increase the volume where necessary, and the length should be a little bit lower than the knee line with a triangular neckline.

The Romantic Style

Romance-style dresses can work for skinny ladies. Such style can be created using airy fabrics and pastel colors. The dress may be a little bit transparent and a little bit radiant. The play on see-through and sequins is great for evening events. A more tender style can be created if a gal purchases lace dresses or dresses with the laces near the bust line or ankle line. If you want to accentuate your waist, you can make an accent using a belt. The 1920s style dresses will look gorgeous on you because of the lower waist – these dresses were specially made for the pale Skinnies of the 1920s to give them the flair of romance. However, you should avoid the short sleeve or bare shoulder dresses. The bust line and neck should be opened just a little.
Romantic style dress in blue

The romantic style dress

These pieces of advice work for all Skinnies, and, if you follow these tips, you won’t regret it!

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