The Ten Most Breathtaking Evening Gowns by Nataya for the Coming Summer Season

by Karen

Summer brings the pleasures of hot days for brides, bridesmaids, romantic couples, birthday parties and topical parties. You won’t find a better season for the hottest vintage-style affairs.
Hottest vintage style affairs
Today, we have decided to focus on our bestselling models and chose the 10 best evening apparel options just in case you are still hesitant about what you should wear this summer. So, let’s start our pictorial listing! The Silver Evening Gown with the Empire waist by Nataya is dramatic and transparent. It looks very mysterious, so this style is great for garden events, beach parties and romantic evenings. As far as date apparel, if you plan to walk a lot on your night out, you should choose another style from among those that we have listed below.
Silver Evening Gown with the Empire waist by Nataya
Nataya’s Titanic Dress in sage is still available in most sizes. This style, inspired by the Empire period and Rose’s Titanic dresses will do for romantic ladies and romantic evenings or after wedding parties.


Nataya’s Titanic Dress in sage


Did you ask about walks? The following style (which is part of the Titanic line) is splendid for ladies who want to walk on the seashore under the moonlight after a marvelous wedding party. This style was designed for romantic dances, so you won’t find a better style if you love slow romantic tunes.
Vintage dress in grey
The Titanic-Style Dress in black, however, will let you enjoy not only romantic tunes, but it will also allow you to jump for joy listening to Lady Gaga’s compositions. The middle slit of the style increases the tea length, making it great for those who cannot predict the next musical track during wedding or retro parties.


Titanic-Style Dress in black


The Passionate Red Dress in Empire style will come out really breathtaking for the first date if you want to create a striking look for your potential partner. If you plan walks under the moonlight, you can be sure that you have found the right fashion and style.
Passionate Red Dress in Empire style
If you are looking forward to extremely rapid and “outrageous” dances, “romantic jogging” or “playful tricks” during a first date or a youngster’s party, you will love a Nataya dress in vintage style. This short dress is available in two fantastic colors: blue and cyan-black.
Short dress in blue


If you plan to express the romantic freedom of the popular (on the Red Carpet) Boho style, you have found the perfect “pair” for your Boho-styled waves and wreath. Don’t forget to select the perfect lingerie and shoes, as this extreme dress needs special care when it comes to pairing it with other elements.
Red Carpet Boho style dress
The Empire-Style Dress will also do for romantic garden affairs and evening walks. If you do your hair in a popular style such as romantic waves, you will complete your overall look, and you won’t need to take too much time with this style to get ready for a summer affair.
Empire-Style Dress in ivory
The Lace Tango Dress will look really breathtaking if you plan walks under the moon or passionate dances. It is also great if you want to go out for a matinee. In any case, this style is really versatile, so you can use it to create your perfect look regardless of the trend or affair.
Lace Tango Dress
The evening dress does not have to be black and long, as you can use really stunning and offbeat ideas when it comes to this apparel. Now it’s time for the last example from Nataya’s collection. The La Belle Époque-inspired dress is perfect for the Charleston dances that you may love. The style of the dress will let you dance at a rapid pace and sing a good old jazz combination in rhythm. Wear 1930s-inspired cold waves, and you will look really shining during any type of evening affair this summer!

We hope you will find this selection of dresses perfect for your own personal style and that you will fall in love with one of these fashions!

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