Take a deep breath. You are going to get married!

by Karen

A truly memorable event in any gal’s life is certainly her wedding. Needless to say a bride wants to remember this day like as a shiny wonderful miracle. Yet sometimes, wedding jitters before the affair may be so great that they ruin the day altogether. Sometimes, with the wedding on the horizon, a realization dawns that you do not know what you really want! Most psychologists claim that “In 90% of the cases, this is a normal human fear when faced with something new and grandiose”.
Vintage Titanic Dress in Charcoal/Berry

(Vintage Titanic Dress in Charcoal/Berry)

Another major fear is of everything going wrong. One thing to keep in mind when faced with this fear is that statistically, 10-20% of the plan will go wrong. And this is a conservative estimate. There are cases when everything goes wrong but these cases are rare. Remember one simple fact: if you want to be happy, then just be happy. Here are several simple tips for your future life: 1. Do not try to “bring up your husband” again. He’s a grownup. Wait until your children appear. 2. Remember: other gals, clebs and experts say that… The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. A hungry man is an angry man. Do your best and watch after his nutrition. Make experiments even in kitchen. 3. Make friends with his parents, 70% of the time, he will copy his parents’ behavior. 4. Try not to change your husband for the best. You fell in love with him when he was himself. 5. Do not make the mistake of thinking to yourself that your life was a fairy tale before the wedding and that everything will change after the wedding. Many gals have this complex because of the common fairy tale ending of “they lived happily ever after.” Even as grownups gals still believe miracles will happen after the wedding. So what about the baby’s birth? Isn’t this a true miracle? You will share your experiences with friends, work at an office again, organize your own business etc. The miracles are up to you! 6. Do not torture your husband with any talk about fashion, new sales, hairdos etc. That’s what your girlfriends are here for! And thus, this means … you will have to see your friends to share the news about the latest Nataya collections, the new vintage trends, Hot TV Shows etc. All fears are based on the unknown and if it’s your first marriage you have never gone through this before and thus everything frightens you. So make yourself an anti-stress bath, listen to your favorite songs and eat your favorite dessert. Joking! Too many desserts before the wedding may spoil even the skinniest figures. Remember: marriage is responsibility and hard work. Try to not be jealous. Act wisely and thus you will be happy! Remember that only you can build your own happiness! Try to love yourself, love the life and love your husband… and take a deep breath, the miracles are coming.

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