Which Sundresses Work Best for Plus-Size Gals?

by Karen

Summer is coming, and that means every gal wants to look airy and cool. This is the best season to wear sundresses and vintage-style gowns for different types of occasions. But, unfortunately, many plus-size ladies refuse to wear sundresses because they feel as if it is improper for them to boast such a look.
Sun dress style tunic

(sun dress style tunic)

It is wrong to refuse to wear such fashions just because you think that you will look improper in airy dresses. Like other women, you are allowed to select the fashion in which you will feel most comfortable. Follow these sundress selection tips to hide your figure issues and reveal all the advantages of your figure type:


You should always select the outfit that accentuates your best parts. Let’s say, for instance, that you have a wide waist and plump hips. Empire-style dresses (empire-waist dresses) and baby doll dresses will disguise a wide waist, and they will hide your hip line while accentuating your bust line. The trapeze-style dresses will also do splendidly. Also, you may include halter-top dresses, which may also look perfect on plump bodies.
Mermaid style sundress

(mermaid style sundress)


You should take care with the fabric of your dresses. Highly tightened fabrics will do nothing but emphasize your problem zones. All fabrics based on spandex should be avoided. That’s why you should prefer dresses in fabrics such as cotton, rayon and chiffon. These fabrics will surely disguise your figure issues and give your overall look more brightness, lightness and femininity.


Vintage style wedding sundress

(vintage style wedding sundress)


The right choice of colors is one of the most important aspects when choosing sundresses in plus sizes. The most preferable ratio is a lighter upper style and a darker lower style. We all know that darker colors make the silhouette look much slimmer. Thus, transitioning from lighter upper parts of dress to darker ones will help to make your silhouette appear longer. You will look slimmer and more evenly proportioned.
vintage style sundress in black

(vintage style sundress)

But that doesn’t mean you should always wear chocolate or black colors. You will feel hotter in such colors, especially in the summer. You can also choose medium colors (neither too bright nor too pale) such as turquoise, blush or peach.
vintage style sundresses in white

(vintage style sundresses)

Prints and Embroideries

Sometimes, single-color dresses are not the best ideas for the plus-sized gal, especially if the dresses do not have extra vertical or special embroidered elements. If you can choose dresses with large prints, you won’t regret it. Also, abstract figures and floral-style embroidery will take all attention from your figure issues, and they will also make you look romantic, stylish and feminine. Length Plus-size ladies should prefer shorter sundresses. It is not that you should wear dresses that are extra short or the like; rather, dresses of knee, semi-ankle or tea length are the best choices you can make. If you reveal your legs or some part of your legs, you will definitely look taller and slimmer. Moreover, the dresses in the aforementioned lengths will always make you look more dramatic or coquette than ordinary long dresses.
vintage style wedding sundresses

(vintage style wedding sundresses)


Vintage fashion dress in moss

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