Summer Vintage 2012 Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

Summer is drawing near, and if you are planning to attend many different types of occasions during the summer months, you must begin planning and purchasing the necessary apparel for each event.
We have selected the best summer apparel by Nataya: sun dresses, camisoles, and airy gowns to make you feel rather airy and summer-loving. Such perfect apparel makes you into a summer gal with the gorgeous flair of vintage romance. We will also hint at the probable types of occasions and the appropriate apparel you should wear to make sure that you will look brilliant on this day. No heavy fabrics and whimsical sleeves, just straps and airy romance for the coming summer. So let us get started. The Mermaid Gown with empire waist is great apparel for beach affairs such as beach weddings, beach parties or beach concerts. If you plan an evening wedding event and you are the bride, this dress will be a great alternative set. For bridesmaids, this style will look splendid during daylight occasions.
Empire Swan Dress in grey
The Empire Swan Dress will emphasize your beauty quite well during evening affairs such as fashion runway shows under the summer sky or retro-style evening parties in retro gardens or retro-summer cafes. Do not forget that this dress is styled rather well for evening events; thus, it is best worn with evening style of makeup such as flapper makeup or smoky-eye styles.
vintage style summer dresses 2012 in black
Looking for an ankle-length wedding gown that won’t be too heavy and stuffy? We have just the dress for you. The Red Carpet Dress in ivory is just what the doctor ordered for the alternative bride who plans to hold her wedding on a cruise, on the seashore or in the family garden.
Red Carpet Dress in ivory wedding gown
The Victorian Nataya Dress in beige is a splendid choice for alternative brides to wear if they are mad about Prohibition-style parties. So, if you plan a cocktail party somewhere near your garden pool or a retro-style hall with a pool in some luxury hotel, you won’t regret wearing this dress. If you plan a wedding in the open air somewhere near the beach, the same apparel will be great for alternative bridesmaids.
Victorian Nataya Dress in beige
Nataya's Vintage Romance Dress can also be the most splendid style for juvenile gals who are planning an evening beach party. The airy bottom of the gown will come out great in evening photographs taken during the summer breeze.
Nataya's Vintage Romance Dress
The Nataya Corset-Style Camisole in brick terracotta is great for evening events such as weddings. It looks particularly supreme on guests of honor or close relatives of the brides or grooms such as sisters or cousins. Pair this style with select styles of black Nataya palazzos, and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles on your apparel. This means you can sit, dance and get seated over and over again. If you choose this apparel, we sincerely recommend that you wear smoky-eye makeup in terracotta or chocolate colors instead of smoky black.
Nataya Corset-Style Camisole in brick terracotta
Nataya's Empire Garden Dress lives up to its name. This style is a must for family garden occasions such as family garden weddings. It will also do splendidly for summer formals in empire or regency styles.
Nataya's Empire Garden Dress
You may also choose another vintage-style cami for evening affairs, but it’ll also look great as a casual top paired with jeans or vintage-style full skirts in lace, which are extra popular this season. The model is still available in three colors.
Vintage-style cami for evening affairs
The Babydoll Rouched Dress in lavender is definitely one of the most stunning and bestselling designs by Nataya. The dress may be an obvious choice for alternative, offbeat and very informal brides, but it will also looks especially great on your bridesmaids. The color is perfect for the long summer days, and the dress is excellent for all-day affairs, as the bridesmaids won’t need to worry about wrinkles and spots. The design will also hide any possible problems with the clothes that some bridesmaids face.
Babydoll Rouched Dress in lavender
The 1920s-Style Wedding Dress is one more style for a jazz informal wedding affair.
1920s-Style Wedding Dress
But wait! The previous model is not the only one for a jazz- or Charleston-styled wedding. The Romantic Vintage Wedding Gown by Nataya is a good alternative to the previous model if you do not love accentuated upper waists.
Romantic Vintage Wedding Gown by Nataya
If you are a summer alternative bride, do not forget to include the 1920s-Style Wedding Dress on your short list of favorite dresses. Many sizes of this model are still on sale, but you must hurry in order to get your best wedding apparel for a Roaring 20s-style wedding.
1920s-Style Wedding Dress
Here is one more vintage-style wedding model for summer affairs — Nataya's 1920’s-Style Dress for the alternative bride is also available at
Nataya's 1920’s-Style Dress
The Nataya Sundress in moss is the most unique style for brides who dream to get married in all green. If you have selected this style for your bridesmaids, however, this dress will look splendid on your attendants if you have have chosen a cold or snow white wedding gown. These two colors will certainly pair up well!
Nataya Sundress in moss
If you plan a ceremonial family dinner somewhere in the garden, you may look very summerish and vivid in a Nataya Sun Dress in copper or silver.
Nataya Sun Dress in copper
Happy summer affairs!

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