How to spend Valentine's Day

by Karen

Romantic Valentine's Day - one more reason to remind your significant other of the special feelings that bind you. There are many ways to do Valentines day the traditional way, but this is Wardrobe Shop, so why not arrange a more unique experience? Our guide to a truly unique date with the love of your life, will not only be useful to you Valentine's Day, but also on any other day in which you want to show your love for the one you love.  

Photo session for lasting memories

Joint shots, especially successful ones, don’t happen very often. So go to a photo studio to capture your love story. You can even play out scenes such as: from the beginning of your relationship, the first kiss, a declaration of love ... A few hours in the spotlight will fly by in no time.

Honey weekend

Arrange a honey weekend on Valentine's Day.

You can drive out to nature nature and rent a cottage in the country, or simply a room in a B&B and spend the weekend walking around hand in hand. Visit a pleasant café, indulge in a savory breakfast and dinner, and go to the movies or just relish the opportunity to be alone together. It is a great way to escape from the hustle of everyday issues and problems, and remind yourselves of strong feelings that brought you together, and will bind you forever.

A joint adventure

What could be better than to spend a day together engaging in a fun pastime, which, in addition, will give you lots of positive emotions and give an incredible boost of energy and adrenaline! As a co-adventure, you can choose any active entertainment or sport. Just be sure to tell your spouse, if need special clothes or shoes for such entertainment.

A moonlit car ride 

Take a ride through the city together. Don’t forget a thermos with tea, pleasant melodious music and of course the city lights to complete the mood. Just hang out off the side of the road or at a view point, and simply admire the view together. Romantic dinner Traditional, but a true pastime. Let it not be a restaurant, but a joint cooking session. Choose an unusual dish, and allow cooking process to become the adventure. Our advice: just in case things go awry buy a frozen pizza as a backup plan =). 

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