Choosing a Romantic dress for your Special Occasion

by Karen

In planning for a Romantic evening, it’s easy to get lost in the tidal wave of online stores selling such a wide variety of Romantic Dresses. With so much choice the questions before you can mount quickly. Should I purchase an elegant cocktail dress or a perhaps a sexy mini? Do I maybe get an elegant romantic evening gown or should I not even bother buying a dress with all the beautiful ones I have in my closet? How DO you pick that one dress out of so many that will drive the one you love out of his mind? The first step to selecting your perfect Special Occasion Romantic Dress is to figure out where the evening will be spent. If you’re set to meet your man at a casual bar, then a formal evening gown is probably not the right choice here. For such an evening the perfect special occasion dress will have a simple feminine slinky cut and have a subdued color. The length should be approximately knee-high and a pair of hot cowboy boots will tie this gorgeous ensemble together nicely! If however you’re not feeling like wearing a dress, a fantastic alternative is a sexy Romantic Top with embroidery to match your jeans. If your evening calls for dinner with colleagues, it’s best to not dress too sexy. Nothing too short and no deep V in your neckline…sorry ladies, forget that mini. The perfect special occasion dress dress for this dinner is on that isn’t too special. Make it tea length and a bit subdued with elegant embroidery and satin inserts.

If however you’re planning for an evening dinner at a very nice and pricey restaurant, then feel free to be a little more daring, ladies! Let your imagination be limited only by common sense and the limitations of the eventual destination. Feel free to expose your shoulders, don’t be shy about showing a little cleavage and opting for a bright-colored romantic style dress would be a fabulous choice if you want to grab your man’s attention! So far, we’ve covered how to dress for several different evening occasions. But being the free-thinker you are, planning for what happens after the event is always a good idea? What if you agree on taking a romantic walk along the moonlit streets after dinner? Don’t rely on him to give you his jacket, you need to look elegant and beautiful all throughout the night. Bring a wrap or a cashmere pashmina, but make sure it matches the color and texture of your dress. A romantic jacket or a feminine velvet coat may also be in order here.

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