Special Gifts for the Special People like Bridesmaids

by Karen

Your bridesmaids are special to you. There are lots of ways to show your appreciation, one is by giving special gifts for the special people like bridesmaids. Having several attendants or just having one person to stand beside you on your wedding day is one of the most thoughtful ways your chosen friends and family can assist you. They are wearing the dress that you picked out for them, they are there to help you get dressed, they threw you a wonderful bridal shower and bachelorette party, and you most definitely will want to be sure to thank them for their time and for being there for you. Consider some of the suggestions below as great special gifts for the special people on your big day.

Personalized Items

Make your gift to your bridesmaid personal to them. They will treasure whatever you choose but something with their initials or something in their favorite color really shows that you were thinking of each of them specifically. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Monogrammed wallet, handkerchief, or key chain
  • Locket or picture frame with a picture of the two of you
  • Special matching wine glasses for you and her

Something Handmade

There is nothing more personal than a handmade gift. I know you are busy with the details of your wedding and all, but if you can spare a few moments to make a special gift for the special people in your wedding party they will be very appreciative. So what are some handmade gifts to consider:
  • Homemade jam that you know she loves
  • Cookies or other baked goods that are special to her
  • A poem reminiscing a special memory or just to say thank you
  • Scented candle, bath oil, or soap
  • Knitted or crocheted or dyed/stamped scarf

Entertain Them

Instead of getting or making each person in your wedding party a special gift, you might consider taking or sending them somewhere fun. What would be great entertainment for your friends?
  • Movie or concert tickets
  • Throw a slumber party and watch love stories a few months after the wedding
  • Gift certificates for a massage, to their favorite specialty shop, to dinner

Let them Choose

This works quite well with a large group. Get an assortment of gift certificates, all in the same value. Or in the same vain, make several scarves or candles. Wrap them each separately but do not put any names on them. Let each of your bridesmaids choose a package for themselves. This option may seem less personal, but with some large bridal parties this is the way to go. Gift giving doesn’t have to be hard. There are tons of ways to show how much you love them. These girls are your best friends and closest family. You know them almost as well as you know the one you are marrying. Pick out perfect special gifts for the special people in your wedding party.

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