The shoes for the perfect bride 2014

by Karen

With 2014 in full swing, we know you’re entering the busy season for pre-holiday celebrations and wedding plans. Let’s turn our eyes downward to one of the favorite subjects of women around the world, shoes! We’re excited to introduce our best-selling shoes to match all of the Nataya dresses here at These shoes are specifically chosen not only for brides but also for anyone who has some serious celebrating to do this year!
One of our top sellers was the Nora Karen peacock shoes. Stunning with Nataya’s pink dresses, these shoes are also a great alternative for traditional brides who want to add some flair to a white or ivory dress. If this describes you, we recommend either the Titanic 40007 Dress or the 2101 Titanic Dress by Nataya, both of which are available in ivory.
Nora Karen peacock shoes
 The shoes for the perfect bride 2014
Nora Karen fans that want to really turn heads, have a look at the Ginger flapper inspired shoes. These shoes are the perfect flapper style for any of Nataya’s bridal wear in knee length especially in ivory and turquoise colors.
Ginger flapper inspired shoes 
The shoes for the perfect bride 2014
For our romantics who prefer neutral colors, the cream lace wedding shoes are a must! They pair so well with our couture dresses, such as the Venetian Cream, Raphaela Cream and Titanic Dress in sage. These shoes look fantastic with nude colors as well as lighter shades of lavender.
The shoes for the perfect bride 2014 The shoes for the perfect bride 2014
We must mention one more pair that goes perfectly with any of our Titanic dresses and with every white dress in the Inga Nataya Couture collection. The Ava flapper style wedding shoes are just gorgeous!
Ava flapper style wedding shoes
 The shoes for the perfect bride 2014
Speaking of Nataya’s couture dresses, we’d do you a disservice to leave out the Dahlia Dress in white. No other pair but the beaded wedding heels will do for this lovely gown! These two styles will make you the most unique bride of all!
Dahlia Dress in white
 The shoes for the perfect bride 2014
We end with a pair that was designed for our most passionate brides-to-be, the Red Amore Evening Heels. Ideal with ruby or red gowns with a traditional princess or mermaid style as well as Downton Abbey or Titanic styled dresses, you will be the star of the show!
Red Amore Evening Heels
 The shoes for the perfect bride 2014
As always, we appreciate your feedbacks and love to see your photos and testimonials. Help other brides waltz up the aisle in style!

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