Several days before the wedding. Make yourself into a pretty woman

by Karen

With the wedding approaching and the billions of things to get done, it’s easy to forget about yourself and your appearance. You may have considered your nutrition, tan, wedding dress and jewelry but now your wedding is in a week and you face the problem of having done nothing about this. Even if you have 7 days before the affair you still have enough time to improve the condition of your skin.
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No doubt, the best manicures can be achieved if you pay a visit to a true master. Nonetheless, it is not only manicure that makes “the weather”. Your will probably want to give your future spouse the most gentle and soft hands possible. That means you cannot do without herbal bathes and nutrition crème.


As for hair, 7 days is quite enough to improve your hair structure. Apply hair masks based on either olive or burdock oils each time you wash the hair. Try to avoid using the styling gels or sprays for 2 weeks in order to let the hair “have a rest” before the affair.

Legs and feet

You should also take into account your feet. Apply special baths using sea salts. After each bath you should apply renutritive cream. Do not forget to massage your feet either. It will help you feel more comfortable on your heels. And, surely, the aforementioned steps will let you wear sandals and not feel ashamed of your skin.


Use facial soap no more than once a week before the wedding day. Otherwise the soap will dry out your skin completely. Hence, natural components will also help you care about your image. So if you do not have allergies to any of the components you may also follow these pieces of advice. You should use non-oily gels for morning washing if you possess the oily skin type. Always give preferences to antibacterial washing gels. If you have dry or sensitive types of skin you should use moisturizing lotions. If you plan applying the tones of foundation yourself, you should repeat this procedure twice: in the morning and before the makeup. Follow this advice if you are used to washing your face in the morning and your party is planned for the evening. You should use scrub gels for each type of skin as well. Definitely, you must not have any allergy to the scrub components, and another rule: do not apply any scrubs 2-3 days before the affair. You can also use oxygen based cosmetics especially if you are 30 years and older. This will “wake” your skin! However here is the rule again: you should test the chosen cosmetics at least one month before the wedding affair to prevent from possible allergic reactions. Do not buy the new brands of personal care items no matter how cheap they are. You can test them after. You should also avoid applying “all-in-one” items. It is much better if you give your preferences to such “3-steps” skin systems as gel, a lotion and a pre-makeup lotion.

The baths

Do not forget about the so-called Cleopatra bath. It may save you money and time if you do not want to spend them on SPAs. The Cleopatra bath is believed to have been invented by Cleopatra. Yet some dermatologists and advanced ladies still use it. You will need 1.5-2 cartons of milk (3.5% fat or even more). Warm the milk up until it reaches the indoor temperature. Add 3-4 tablespoons of liquid honey and dissolve it until the entire mixture is homogenous. Then add your milky mixture to the water in the bath. Nonetheless, you need to have the tips that help this bath work in a properly:
  • · The temperature of the bath should be no more than 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit. And it should remain the same during the entire bathing process.
  • · Optimal amount of bathing time is 5-10 minutes. Maximum time – 20 minutes. Otherwise you will have the opposite effect.
  • · You should take a bath no more than once a week.
  • · The heart zones should be above the water level
  • · It is necessary to have a cool shower right after the bath
  • · Do not take this bath if you have serious heart problems.
The aforementioned predictions were summarized by the British scientists of Southampton University. 320 people participated in experiments and 94% proved the fact: the bath really makes you younger. The same participants helped prove the above predictions. Another perfect bath before the wedding day is the beauty bath with dried chamomile flowers. Again the estimated time is 5-10 minutes and the same predictions: you should have no heart problems. Such bath will manage the problems of allergic reactions and it will be great if you want to hide the red spots.


Another one of granny’s recipes for beauty: If you have problems with lips and if you are about to apply long-lasting lipstick use masks made of honey one month before the wedding. Just apply honey instead of lipstick 3-4 times a week for about 5-10 minutes. The mentioned mask will moisturize your lips and prevent them from chapping after applying long-lasting lipstick! We hope one month, one week or even one day before the wedding will present you no fewer miracles than YOUR wedding day itself! Be happy!

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