Red Evening Dresses

by Karen

The lady in red is a siren who begs no one for acceptance. When you know the color you want, red evening dresses should still be fitted to your style. Red has the uncanny ability of creating seduction, classic romance and will match any style or theme with a punch of bright color. Finding the right red evening dress should depend on your tastes and your body type and fit you like a glove.

   The Fluid Romantic: We love vintage. As we watch celebrity styles, there is a decided focus on the flowing and fluid chiffon on the red carpet. To evoke this look at your next formal event, wedding, or sordid affair, go for red in your evening dress, it's ultimately romantic in a deep hue that will be beautiful and defined.

 The Fluid Romantic red evening dress
Red Evening Dresses
Imperial Essence: Red is the color of royalty. The deepest shades contain a shine that captures the light with elegance. For a vintage style, red evening dresses can carry elements seen in the Empire Red Ball Gown. With an added overlay of sheer embroidered chiffon, the dress becomes a joy to the touch with grace and movement built into the cut.
Imperial Essence Red Evening Dresses
Red Evening Dresses
The Little Red Dress: When you have your little black dress and your little white dress, the red is your next on the list. For the cocktail dress you can take anywhere, choose a red evening dress made from structured matte fabric. This style can easily go from a wedding to an evening with the gals or a romantic dinner date. The cocktail length is perfect for everything from a bridesmaid’s dress to a bachelorette party.
Little Red Dress
 Red Evening Dresses
Catch the Red: When a lady wants to make that statement, she chooses a brocade magnificent gown such as the Sue Wong. Brilliant roses are blended on the cocktail-length skirt. With the strapless style and an effortless empire waist, nothing will stop the wearer of this dress. Red evening dresses will never be the same.
Catch the Red evening dress
 Red Evening Dresses
Plum and Lovely: One of our favorites, a plum-colored wine dress such as this Victorian vintage gown is ideal for a lady who wants attraction. Combine the depth of ornate fabrics and jewel-toned brocade red evening dresses. Capture the light and be the life of the party with this empirical gown.
Plum and Lovely red evening dresses
 Red Evening Dresses
There’s a reason we sing songs about a woman in red. Whether you want romantic and comfortable or you’re searching for that perfect siren, look for the elements in your red evening dress that compliment your affair or make you feel your very best.

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