Plus size vintage or retro bridal looks

by Karen

Some specialists believe it is hard to choose a perfect wedding gown for the plus sized figure. The problem is not the sizes but the peculiarities of the figure. Each figure is very special and needs a special type of wedding silhouette. The necessary apparel should hide the main flaws but accentuate the advantages of the figure. To choosing the right wedding gown, you should also take into account the character of the bride and het season skin type. Ivory peach and beige colors are better for the warm types: Fall and Spring. Light blue, red, snow white and very light pink or ivory are perfect for the cold types: Summer and Winter. If a bride feels self-confidence she will look truly attractive. The commonly accepted opinion of “ivory or white colors make a bride even plumper” does not always hold true. The question is in the fashion and the styles of bridal wear.
Nataya Titanic Tea Length Dress in Ivory

(Nataya Titanic Tea Length Dress in Ivory)

The specialists recommend giving your preference to the dresses with tint or a play of colors. It will give the illusion of a more slender silhouette. The gals with a few extra pounds shouldn’t choose tightly fitting dresses or those dresses completely tailored in lace. Such dresses really can emphasize the flaws. Yet the combination of tightly fitting, vertical and airy parts will make your silhouette prefect and tempting. Again the combination of lace and rigid fabrics will also work for you!
Nataya bare shoulder dress for the wedding

(Nataya bare shoulder dress for the wedding)

The optimal decision while choosing your bridal apparel will be the trapeze-shaped dress. It may have variations of such spread silhouettes. The full skirts styled as the 50-60’s may disguise your plump hips only if the length between your hips and waistis greater than 10.23``. So if you have a more slender waist line in comparison with your hips you can easily buy trapeze dresses with full skirts. Otherwise you should look for another perfect silhouette to wear. The straighter and more readable the plains of the skirt, the more slender the bride will be.
Romantic second wedding dress

(Romantic second wedding dress)

If you choose a corset based dress it needs to be your exact size. If you purchased a corset of the wrong size your dress will look aesthetically off. Can you imagine the bride whose lacing does not lap over?! If you have a plump bust then you should make it more attractive by using a dress with straps. It will also help you pick up the perfect lingerie. If you insist on wearing the dress without a corset or corset styled elements (let’s say in tango style), your shapewear should be in beige or flesh colors.
Empire dress in Beige and Sage

(Empire dress in Beige and Sage)

The modern brides scarcely give their preferences to dresses which are “overloaded” with ruches, brooches, sequins or bows. Such elements give the illusion of a “cloud” where the bride with all her personality can easily be “lost”. Yet it doesn’t mean you should refuse wearing embroidered gowns, lace elements or beaded elements. Special tiny colorful details will slim the overall silhouette regardless of the chosen color scheme. You can easily find these different beautiful fashions, silhouettes and even very brave colorful solutions for the bridal looks (mostly retro inspired)here at the wardrobe shop.
Nataya informal Wedding dress in retro style

(Nataya informal Wedding dress in retro style)

And now, here are some tips for the brides to look really retro. If you have an art-deco styled dress with a bare back you shouldn’t let your hair down. Your hairstyle may look sleek or loose anddon’t forget that the perfect accessories should be comprised of one lace or one snake-shaped bracelet. Yet, taking into account your tempting forms the best decision will be a chainor a string of pearls longer than 25``. Such jewelry may be worn to the back for a bare back dress or to the front for the V-neck dress.
1920’s style wedding dress

(the 1920’s style wedding dress)

You should also take into account the proper makeup. We’ve brought easy step-by-step tutorials for Twiggy, flapper, pinup, art-deco or “la belle époque” makeups. You can choose the most proper for you!On thing to remember however is easy makeup in pastel colors will work splendid for the Victorian inspired look (or the Titanic fashions) whereas unique or extravagant makeup will come out perfect for art-deco, flapper or the 40’s styled looks. In the last case you may even integrate false lashes so that all your attention is focused on your makeup. And do not forget to smile even if you chose the bitter “la belle époque” inspired look!

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