Planning your Wedding Day Hairstyle. Short Haired Brides

by Karen

A bride should exude both elegance and simplicity. Modern wedding haircuts may be simultaneously simple yet extravagant. So, if you are the bride who hasn’t quite chosen her wedding day haircut, we dedicate today’s post to you.
With so many cuts and styles to choose from, you will be absolutely breathtaking on your wedding day. No one will be able to mimic your exact look

Wedding Haircuts are commonly based on the following features:

  • Strength
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Movement
Combining these aspects together gives you the complete look. Beautiful feminine haircuts differ by the aforementioned criteria. Keep in mind that when choosing a brand new haircut, it is best to give yourself some time to experiment with your style and color before taking your bridal portraits and especially before your big day.
For wedding pictures, your stylist should give you the appropriate texture and color to create and airy effect. Airy haircuts look more natural and are the top pick of today’s hottest celebs. Reaching into the glamorous past, Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn remind us that an airy haircut will go with any gown.
Your haircut should match your unique style and personality. Don’t try to be someone else on your wedding day. Let your own beauty shine through.
While some may hold the opinion that short haircuts rob women of their femininity, this is completely unfounded. Experienced stylists can make even the shortest hair look glamorous. Pair the perfect hairdo with your long dress, and voila, you are princess.
Short haircuts have many distinct advantages, such as being extremely versatile and easy to fix. They require less time and product than longer tresses. This is an added bonus, as you don’t want to spend time styling your hair on the honeymoon!
Your stylist can help you determine which cut goes with the shape of your face. Brides over 30 or 40 can recapture childlike innocence and youthfulness with a shorter style. Short haircuts accentuate your facial features while drawing out the appearance of a graceful neckline.
Most stylists will employ the use of either hot scissors or a hot razor when cutting shorter styles. These methods are great for ladies who have trouble with split ends.
And here are some ideas for wedding haircuts using the hot razor.
Browse through these fabulous wedding haircuts taken from our very own “Short Wedding Haircuts” Pinterest board.
Here is a little guidance on dying your hair:
• Try to pick the color that is closest to your natural shade, ideally within 0.5-1.5 shades.
• If you go for a multi-colored look, be sure that the colors fall on the same pallet as the base and natural color of your hair.
• Red heads with green eyes should choose shades of red that are similar to or just a touch brighter than their natural shade.
• The blond-brown with the honey shades will also go with many green-eyed gals.
• If you have fair skin, you may choose a milky chocolate color. However, brown and red colored hues will look better on you.
• The Scandinavian and Russian blond are the classy colors for the blue-eyed ladies who have decided to change both the cut and color. You can also try mixing these shades.
• Another variation for the blue eyes is the dark chocolate, red wine, or indigo-black colors. These colors work perfect for the ladies with fair skin and dark blue eyes.
• Hazelnut-eyed girls can go for the classy chocolate or dark brown colors. All of the shades of coffee and chocolate will look smashing on you as well.
• If you have olive or light skin, you might want the sand, wheat, honey, or caramel colors of blond or blond-brown.
We strongly advise that you settle on your color and cut at least two weeks before your wedding day. This gives you plenty of time to get used to your new look.
In conclusion, we love that even the shortest haircut can transform you into a goddess during your wedding ceremony.
To be continued…

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