Ovals and Apples Rejoice with these Options: Tips for the Full Figured Woman

by Karen

Ladies, it is time for the ovals and apples to rejoice with these options in vintage clothing. Not everyone is blessed with your voluptuous breasts, small hips, and full mid-section. Wear your body style proudly. Dressing for the full figured woman is not as hard as some people make it out to be. Tip one is to move the waistline of what you are wearing up to disguise the larger stomach area. Longer fuller skirts and dresses are a wonderful choice for this body. They take away from the stomach area and elongate the body which in turn slims the look of the overall appearance. Now, that is not to say you shouldn’t show some leg. Ladies with this frame tend to have beautiful legs. Full skirts and dresses with an asymmetrical hemline work very well for this body type. I know some of you don’t like dresses or skirts. That is fine, the wide-leg pants are very flattering to this frame.


Ovals and Apples Rejoice with these Options
Ovals and Apples Rejoice with these Options
Vintage Black Pants


Tip two is Scoop necks are great for this body type. Always accentuate the positive parts of your body. Ladies in the oval or apple body style tend to have large wonderful breasts. This means they have excellent cleavage; show it off. You can do this in a number of ways. Like above, choose necklines that are scooped or square. I think even some keyhole necklines would look great on this figure. Plunging necklines are almost always a beautiful option for this frame.

Ovals and Apples Rejoice with these Options


Vintage Dress in apple colors


Vintage inspired dresses in sage

 Tip three is all about jackets. Jackets with belts are a great way to allude to a waistline. Just don’t cinch the belt. Allow it to gently hug your waist. Choose tailored jackets that have hip pockets or butterfly type collars. This will make the jacket give more definition to your frame.

Vintage white pants


Vintage Black Jacket

Tip four is color. Chose darker colors for this frame. Darker colors will make you look longer and taller, slimmer even. Here are a few dresses that fit this frame perfectly.

Vintage olive dress


Nataya titanic vintage lavender dress


Nataya titanic vintage ruby dress

Lastly, because this frame can be a bit tricky, here are few things to avoid wearing.

  • Horizontal Stripes – Vertical stripes done the right way are fine, but not horizontal, they will make you look much bigger than you really are.
  • Tucking – As in shirts. Don’t do it. It does not look good on many body styles, the oval is one of them.
  • Fitted Clothing – You are not the frame for skinny leg jeans. I am sorry to say that, but there are not many body styles that these look good on. Tapered leg jeans are not great either. If you are looking at jeans, lean toward straight leg and cargo styles. Stay away from form fitted clothing. Flowing material is much more flattering.
  • Decorations – Pleats, ruffle, small patterns do not flatter this shape of a woman.

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