The new arrivals and best selling dresses that goes great for the cocktail parties. Part II

by Karen

To our lovers of cocktail parties and those planning cocktail style events, we dedicate today’s post to you. We’d like to continue discussing the hottest cocktail party trends reflected in the collections at


Last time we shared the ideas for indoor cocktail parties, including at-home events with children and pool cocktail parties. This time, let us share the new ideas for Gatsby inspired flapper cocktail parties.


Gatsby Style Cocktail Parties

The trend of Gatsby has always been popular among all cocktail parties over the world. It became even more popular after the Great Gatsby movie was released earlier this year. Thus, low waist dresses became all the rage at this time. The 1920s Tango Dress is a perfect choice regardless of whether you are planning a cocktail wedding party or merely a fun, flapper event. The flapper style drop down waist and short flapper style skirt allows you to skillfully dance the Charleston steps all night long. This dress is a perfect solution for those who need an affordable cocktail flapper dress from a designer brand.


Another great dress for the Gatsby style party is the black Refined Velvet Gown. The dress looks both Downton Abbey vintage style Gatsby era. The silhouette is wonderful for different types of figures and was specially designed for ladies are not completely confident of their bodies. It is also ideal for those who are not ashamed to show how gracefully they have aged.


The Butter Vintage Nataya Dress is perfect for ladies who are searching for an affordable Gatsby gown. The butter color and drop down waist make is a wonderful choice not only for flapper style cocktail parties but also as a wedding alternative.


The Silver and Bronze Art Deco dress is a top seller among most of Nataya’s cocktail dresses in Gatsby style. This highly sought after dress brings an element of seduction to your art deco parties.


Nataya’s Tulle Dress is so Gatsby and art deco with its gorgeous ornamentation. Its 1920s style is perfect for flapper parties with roaring 20s style dances.


And finally, we can’t help but mention the Great Gatsby dress in black and coco shades. This new arrival in our Great Gatsby era fashion collection at makes an amazing cocktail dress for the Gatsby inspired or jazz cocktail parties.

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