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by Karen

We have given tips on how to pose for retro wedding photo shoots, how to choose fabrics and of course the colors for the perfect retro wedding gowns. In addition to all those, there are a few very special tricks to avoid to help you avoid the many annoyances that you many not even account for on your wedding day. For instance, If you are getting married when it’s cold outside, don’t forget to take off the socks at least 2-3 hours before the wedding for the tracks may be seen if you wear a midi or short retro dress.
Wedding Long White Dress

One point to note about flowers is that roses may spoil due to the warmth of the palms when you hold them. So please consult the florist about this breed of flowers. Do not forget to create a plan B. For example, bring a big umbrella for sudden rain. Don’t forget to breathe! Some gals hold their breath when smiling during a photo session and thus look frightened or too unnatural. The more alcoholic drinks, the more you will wink. Just keep that in mind. If you have eyesight problems, use contact lenses. But! In order to be sure of your wedding lenses you must use them at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding to get accustomed to them. Also have a special container with the eye drops ready at all times. The maids of honors should always have scissors, powder, hair clips, hair spray etc. Weddings can be very unpredictable so having a wide variety of essentials is always a smart move. For example, if the bride has a sudden nervous breakdown and the makeup starts to flake. In this case you will need to recreate that perfect facial foundation. Or here is a much more curious case with one of the authors of this blog: her bunch lost one flower and there was a terrible gap in the bouquet. So the inventive bridesmaid cut the same roses from one of the guests’ bouquets because she had the scissors ready! Please do compare the colors of the dress and the bridal shoes under different illuminations: during the day time, in the lobby, outside… Sometimes the shoes may look similar but under a different light they can look quite different. The veil and shoes in warm colors may look terrible with the wedding dress in “cool” colors. - Make sure the dress fits you right before the wedding. Some gals may put on weight or, conversely, lose weight because of the wedding jitters. - If you plan a wedding walk for the photo session or a wedding picnic in the company of your guests, you cannot do without plastic glasses imitating stemware. They will come out great in the photos. - If you plan a beach wedding affair you may want to dance barefooted. So please do choose the length of your wedding dress with this in mind. A bride knotted with her dress will look terrible. - If you’re afraid of the dark spots under the eyes try to sleep on 2-4 pillows. This may help; also you can make a compress of strong warm black tea. Before the makeup, drink a cup of coffee without sugar. If you plan an art-deco, flapper or la belle époque inspired wedding, smoky eye makeup will disguise the dark spots. - Do not hurry, let your photo artist capture all the moments possible. The guests can wait! - Rule No 1: even on your wedding day be yourself. This will be captured in the photo shots. - Do not undergo plastic, dental, dermatological or any other operations less than 2 weeks before wedding. Even a simple skin peel may cause allergic reactions. So be attentive! - Do not cross the line with the solarium. Do not use auto-tan crèmes. They may ruin your wedding dress. If you still insist on having a perfect tan or facial skin, pay a visit to your dermatologist at least 3 months before the wedding. - If you want to dye your hair before the wedding and you are afraid your perfect color may be spoiled, use highlighting for fair hair and multi-dying for darker hair. Thus if a sudden wind goes through your hair, you won’t worry about the color of your roots because of the use of several colors. - Also take care of your immune system, especially if you plan a wedding in the Fall or Winter. Drink special cocktails made to boost your immune system or tea with honey. - Remember: good stylists have very “hot” schedules so you should schedule the visit at least one month before wedding. - The artificial eye lashes adjusted one month before the wedding may fall due to weather, bathing etc. So it’s usually wise to find a stylist to adjust false lashes with the 24-48 hours effect right on wedding day. - Artificial nails? Yes, you may have artificial nails and they may be done several days before the wedding. As for a manicure… it may be done right before the wedding. Use simple “frosty” and “floral” patterns for cool and warm colors of the dress respectively. The wedding photographers used to capture his and her hands so, your hands should look perfect! - Always wear new wedding shoes at least 3-4 times before the wedding. Even shoes that fit perfectly may chafe the feet. - Always choose the bridal bouquet with your groom. Make sure he has no allergies to the chosen flowers. Again the button hole and the bridal bouquet will look splendid if they are composed of the same flowers. - If you have a short haircut do not look through the styles for longer hair, try not to grow the hair because it may come out bad both with the overall hairstyle and with the artificial hair. - If you don’t use make-up much, make a rehearsal of both wedding makeup and the wedding hairstyle. You need to decide whether you are satisfied with the overall look or not. So please do remember: this is YOUR happy day, and don’t get too stressed if one or two little things go wrong, there is always a solution. You may also love:

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