A Little Something from the Recent Past

by Karen

Hello Again, Dear ladies! We’re all trying to beat the summer heat. That being said, we want you to put your feet up, relax and enjoy our latest refreshing post. To cool things off a bit, today’s focus in on airy designs at wardrobeshop.com, which are inspired by the 1920’s-1940’s.
When we reflect upon those years, what do we love about the signature styles? Our favorite element is the tulle dresses with regular, empire, or low waist.
These two tulle empress dresses will bring back fond memories of those days. The nude dress is perfect for all ages and all tastes. It is ideal for an alternative wedding dress, a mother of the bride dress, or your rehearsal dinner dress. And the rose/gold dress is well suited for the sophisticated vintage style makeup.
Rose/gold dress vintage inspired dress
Tulle empress dresses
The Daisy Tuxedo dress is the perfect style for alternative brides. With its lower waist, this dress is simply so Gatsby that it can double as the wedding dress as well as the outfit for the rehearsal dinner.
Gatsby wedding dress
Now let us turn back to the tulle and lace dresses of the not so distant past. Some ladies think this gown was made in honor of the new Daisy Buchanan style. Indeed, this dress, in all three colors, is a perfect fit for all 1920’s or boho-inspired parties.
1920’s boho-inspired parties.
One of the most refreshing dresses we feature here at wardrobeshop.com is, no doubt, the art deco bronze dress. The safari colors and the regular style of the waist bring back memories of the 1930’s-1940’s style silhouettes. It looks so Allan Quatermain adventure’esque! The dress looks stunningly art deco with a long string of dark chocolate pearls. Pair it with the bronze Tanzania style bracelets for a vintage safari look.
Art deco bronze dress
The Nataya Othelia dress, available in ivory colors, reminds us of the époque of Old Hollywood movies as well as the gorgeous platinum blondes of the past. June Allyson, Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Jean Harlow and Doris Day would be jealous of the Othelia dress for their red carpet night or even their own wedding day!
Nataya Othelia dress in white
But let’s leave dresses behind, as our closet is bursting with lovely accessories.
The Ava shoe looks exactly like the styles of the late 1920s and early 1930’s. This special pair is a perfect match to the flapper and Old Hollywood inspired silhouettes.
Flapper style wedding shoes
We simply can’t help but mention another pair of shoes labeled as jazz or Charleston shoes for our beloved flapper dancers. This unique pair has the long round toe and wide medium heels, a signature feature of the flapper style. However, the hand-painted ornament, created by Nora Karen, keeps us fastened firmly to modern times
Flapper style wedding shoes.
Moving on to hats, The Princess Mary and Princess Beth have the signature features of the so-called cloche and Edith hats. Created by Louisa Voisine Millinery, they are perfect for garden weddings, vintage style Gatsby parties near the pool or seashore and for the promenades on yachts.
Louisa Voisine Millinery Hat
Louisa Voisine Millinery hat in black
We bring you yet another creation from this talented designer, the Anna Garden hat is the perfect style for the garden weddings and family dinners in a chateau nestled in Europe.
Vintage Anna Garden hat
We hope you’ll love these refreshingly airy styles found on the pages of wardrobeshop.com.

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