10 Fast Ideas to Create a Victorian Romantic Steampunk Wedding

by Karen

Have you and your fiancee decided on a short engagement period? Do you still want to have the steampunk wedding your heart desires? This one time, you can have your cake and eat it too! Read on for ten tips to add the steampunk edge to your special day! 

1. Type your invitations on a typewriter The spirit of steampunk wedding is in the details. If you don't have access to a typewriter, there are plenty of fonts to mimic the look.

2. Set the stage Evoke the feeling of the 19th century by scattering items like old cameras, vintage jewelry, birdcages, old jars and gears on your gift table. Create a vignette in an old suitcase with some those items and use it as a photo prop.

3. Emphasize the clocks Oversized, round faced clocks are a the name of the game. Bonus points for a pendulum clock!

4. Decorate napkin holders Bind the napkins with a rough twine and attach some keys or gears to the ends. It will take no additional time to alternate between keys and gears or to use different sizes of each, and you will get that nothing matches but everything coordinates feel of steampunk.

5. Accessorize the Bride’s bouquet. Regardless of your blooms, add in an old pocket watch with a chain or a gear pendant for instant steampunk style.

6. Wear gloves Choose dark gloves of any length and either add a chain or wear a massive bracelet over them.

7. Wear rough letter footwear Whether shoes or boots, wear them with your wedding dress to highlight the contrast.

8. Accessorize the Groom Adding small details, like a gun cylinder, will change a classic suit or tuxedo into a steampunk work of art.

9. Asymmetrical high updo Asymmetrical styles fit the steampunk genre very well. Decorate your hairdo with some styled pins and rims or a little veil to bring it home.

10. Finishing touches Even if your guests do not know or understand steampunk, you can help them out by providing a few key pieces. Offer your guests fans, binoculars, or lace parasols to create continuity in your pictures. Although steampunk style is all about the details, those details don't have to take a lot of time to pull together. If you have time to pull of even these ten ideas, or just a few of them, you will still have a beautiful and edgy steampunk wedding to remember!

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