How to plan your Vintage wedding Party on a tight budget

by Karen

The Internet claims the average wedding fees may exceed $20,000 for the ceremony alone. But what do you do if your annual income doesn’t exceed these figures? Glad you asked because here is the survival guide for regular and offbeat brides on how to throw a grand vintageous party and still have some money left for your honeymoon! Over the past several months, we’ve brought you many ideas on how to organize the vintage wedding party of your dreams, how to make your dream theme wedding come true, how to arrange your wedding locations and so on. Now let us summarize all the ideas from our previous blog posts and add some very important tips to that short list. Let’s start with the Wedding location. Once again our favorite ideas are the family garden, the home or cheapest of all, or the beach. For the first two ideas you will need to rent tables and chairs. Use round tables as opposed to square or rectangular ones mainly because you will fit more guest at each table. With a round table, you can arrange 6, 8, or even 10 guests per, and save yourself a great deal of money with rental costs around $8 per table per day or even less. Another “pro” for the round table is if one of the guests cannot come, you can arrange the table so that odd number of gests at the table will not appear unnatural. As for the chairs, you can rent them for as little as $1 each. Now the question is how many guests to invite? Usually most modern couples prefer rather intimate wedding parties, so less than 100 is a perfect number! When it comes to beach weddings you can save a ton of money by opting for a couple of beach transformer-tables without legs and pillows instead of chairs. It will run you about $10 each. Estimated Budget: $30-150 Photo shoots: Forget about videos movies of great quality if you plan wedding on a tight budget, but who needs them anyways. If you want to boast about your wedding day to your future children, hire a photographer enthusiast or walk into a small photo studio. The actual price for a perfect photo shoot starts at $1000, but you can surely find a more than capable photographer for less, especially if you hire your professional by the hour. How to find them? Use local Ads in Search Engines, usually such professionals are just starting out and advertise in such a fashion. This will also give you a chance get to know their portfolio on their website. They are striving to increase their client base so they may accept your offer and you can split the difference. The only cons for this matter is you will have to spend a great deal of time finding the right candidates. Some candidates may take 50-70$ per hour, and if you plan only 4-6 hours for your photo shoots then it’s better to pay per hour. Estimated Budget: $600-1000, but if you are lucky it may be less Wedding Orchestra. What’s the use of hiring an entire orchestra if you can be frank with yourselves and confess your budget won’t let you do so. Here is the perfect alternative: hire a DJ. The DJ can play all kinds of tunes and music from Charleston to western quadrille, from rockability sounds to Lady Gaga. Usually a good DJ offers his services at $300-400 and you can even see the DJ’s lists of music and testimonials in places like gigmasters or the like. Estimated Budget: 300-400$ or less if you’re lucky. Party Favors and Desserts. Order only small cakes especially if you know most of your guests are on diets or if you live in a hot climate when the dessert won’t last. You can look up recipes online and bake the cake yourself. Usually, online recipes come with step-by-step guidance which will be loads of fun to for you to do. Usual the price for a small wedding cake starts at $100. When you’re bake, go for the favorites such as vanilla or cinnamon and even biscotti cookies. You can even bake biscotti’s one or two weeks before the affair! It will save tons of money and make your satisfy your gests beyond convetion. If you live in a hot climate why just not buy a variety of fruit and cover them with chocolate. Cut the fruit into slices and shapes, thread them with a skewer, soak in hot molten chocolate, freeze and that’s it. $50 instead of 100-150$! candles will go better in the evening, during the family wedding dinner and shells will much better suited for beach weddings. Estimated budget: $50-300 Invitation cards. The best cards are always cheaper and hand-made as they are closer to one’s heart than the printed ones. Use your fantasy bottles for beach weddings, balloons for circus weddings or fall foliage for Thanksgiving weddings. Estimated budget: $zero-50 Flowers and Floral decorations: If you plan a vintage wedding in Christmas or Thanksgiving style your wedding lodge will always be decorated and you won’t need to pay extra. But a better way to save money is to buy flowers that are in season, and don’t to plan your wedding in a month other than February because of Valentine’s Day. An off-season wedding like, for example, a Christmas Vintage wedding is much better for many reasons. Usually gerberas may start at $1.5 per stem and you will need only 1-3 per vase. Or you can buy bunches on budget flowers sites like pro flowers or the like and make 7-9 bunches of 2-3 stems. You can be honest about your budget with your local florist, they will be glad to help you find the perfect combination. Estimated budget: $50(or less)-150 Hors de Oeuvre. Chinese food may be a low cost alternative to satiate your guests. Also you can make finger sandwiches using farmer cheese or prosciutto in a whimsical style to serve your at your hors de oeuvres table. Do not forget to use champagne for the toasts only. You can also cut the number of alcoholic drinks especially if you are living in hot a climate (or if you want your wedding day to be fun and free of drunken brawls). Estimated Budget: depends on the number of guests Transportation. It is always better to use a car that’s a lemon (which is a true vintage) rather than a limo. You may apply only ribbons or cans as a decoration. Estimated Budget: $10 for ribbons or cans (if you do not have them) Shoes, accessories and makeup: our lovely brides should estimate whether they wear their wedding shoes after the ceremony or not. Usually you can get good quality shoes for $50 or less. When it comes to Christmas or any other holidays you can purchase shoes at a sale prices! It is better to rent accessories especially if you are do not use them daily, but an even better idea is to rummage through your grannies’ old wardrobe as that is true vintage! You may even dig out a perfect Victorian tiara! When it comes to makeup, especially the vintage inspired sort, use your daily colors. They will come out perfect in your photo sessions. Do the eye shadow yourself, especially at the rehearsal with your bridesmaids. This way you will be 100% sure of your pinup, flapper or Victorian-blush makeup on your wedding day! Estimated budget: only $50 for your shoes Wedding Wear. The bridal dress will be your biggest expense for this day. To have your wedding dress tailored, the prices generally start at $300, but it may be of less splendid quality. This is why alternative and vintage inspired brides opt for a cost-effective alternative dress to wear on the best day of their life. This brings us to why we are here. Below is a list of the best exclusive vintage inspired bridal dresses for less than 200$. They are all of supreme quality and they are all designer wedding gowns by Fabulous Russian Designer Nataya. We will not even describe what these dresses are and leave it to you to be the judge of the quality of these designer vintage wedding gowns! Nataya Titanic dresses, feel like a true British aristocratic lady! 

Vintage Empire Wedding gown for a pure noble lady!

Vintage Empire Wedding gown for a pure noble lady

 Nataya 1920’s inspired wedding dress.

Nataya 1920’s inspired wedding dress

Informal Nataya Dress in Lime.

Informal Nataya Dress in Lime

Nataya Neo Classic Dress with puffy vintage sleeves.

Nataya Neo Classic Dress with puffy vintage sleeves

To feel like a princess: alternative wedding dress.

Alternative wedding dress

Nataya 1920’s Gatsby Dress will make any gal look like an Vintage Old Hollywood Diva but it will never look cheap!

Nataya 1920’s Gatsby Dress

Victorian lace and Chiffon Dress is the perfect wedding gown to look like a true princess!

Victorian lace and Chiffon Dress

 And Flapper Style Midi Dress in Ivory! Can you imagine this on you?

Flapper Style Midi Dress in Ivory

 There is no use buying wedding planner soft or hiring a wedding planner. You can use Google Spread Sheets, Vintage inspired dresses and other online resources to count up the prices and save while constructing the wedding of your dreams! Happy Counting!

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