How to pick up the perfect lingerie.The Figure tips

by Karen

When dressing up, the right choice of lingerie plays a very significant role. Even the hidden (from the eyes) details may ruin your silhouette. And here we brought many “must haves” for each figure types and peculiarities. Before buying a dress, make sure you have allproper lingerie sets. Here are some main tips for picking up the best lingerie. To enlarge your bust visually, buy push-up bras as well asbalconette bras. While most bras are built on a frame, you should give the preferences to bras without a frame yet thick cups. If you want to correct the bust asymmetry choose the transformer bra models. Such models usually imply additional pads for the cups.
Different pants can correct your lower parts. Victorian inspired pants with ruches will give the necessary volume to the hip lines. And,viseversa, the plump gals should set their choices at shapewear. To slip your waist lines, you should have at least one shaper brief with the high-waist made of elastane. But these types of lingerie should be worn with skirts or dresses. As for denim, give your preferences to thongs,hipsters or tight hiphuggers.

The gals with a rack

Sweater gals’ essentials must include bras built on frames with thick cups. Such a model is able to support even the heaviest bust without making it look heavy. Or, if you have a wide bust line, you can easily use minimizing bras to camouflage this flaw. 

Petite bust line

The petite breast line like any other type needs a special approach. Oftentimes gals who possess such petite sizes are shy of their proportions. As a result, they try to enlarge their bust at least visually. The best solution of such problems can be achieved through “push-up” models. Usually Victoria’s Secret Angels cannot boast impressive bust measurements but still we see good proportions of their angels. A secret? Not Victoria’s! The stylists often include “push up” models of bras.

However, sometimes ladies are not shy of their proportions and try to look Twiggy’s style. In this case the bras based on triangular cups are the perfect decision. The perfect fabric for such models isthin lace.

Wide shoulder line

The owners of wide shoulder lines should use only feminine styles of bras. Such bras should always include the models with bare backs and straps, or eye closures on the neck.


Also you can use the models based on straps crossed in the back, the so-called “racer backs models”. The lingerie with the aforementioned details may easily disguise wide shoulders.

Very wide hips

The gals with wide hips should hide the unnecessary plumpness. The low rider shorts can solve this problem. Boyshorts and hipsters will do great also! Such variations will make the limits of a hip line and a waist line less noticeable, let alone the hip line will look less wide. You should take into account that petite panties won’t go with your figure type. That is, you should avoid wearing v-strings, thongs or cheekies. Such styles only reveal your main flaws.

Very petite hips

The ladies with petite hips can afford wearing the v-string, thongs and string bikinis (the pants with ribbons on the sides). The mentioned models will make narrow hips more tempting whereas the high waisted shorts will make the hips even flatter.

Slim buttocks

Oftentimes even the slender types of figures may be spoiled with flatbuttocks. The best approach for such gals is retro inspired lingerie like boxing inspired shorties, retro shorties or even garters. Such styles will make your buttocks look much more tempting.


Plump buttocks

This gift of Mother Nature is in need of lingerie to emphasize the form. If you still have problems with fat spots then you can use boyshorts for your look. Also you can use boyshorts tailored in relaxed fit.

plump buttocks, the tips how to dress

A Little belly

The plumpness in the belly line may spoil an overall slender figure. But the shapewear may correct this natural flaw. Corset-styled bodies, high waist hugger panties may turn back your self-confidence and natural beauty! We know these tricks work and wish you very happy cyber lingerie shopping!

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