How to pick up lingerie for Nataya dresses

by Karen

Any successful and pretty woman has at least one problem on her agenda: “what to wear for the lingerie collection”. The colors are different so are the styles of vintage or formal gowns, but here are the tips to pick up the perfect lingerie. And these tricks do work! We guess, one of us, gals, noticed a mismatch between style of clothes and the lingerie on others. For example, some gals try to wear chiffon fragrant dresses and wear slips full of ruches as underwear. And, alas, the web is full of pictures of ladies having worn denim with the wrong panties. Remember: the ruches and lace are mostly for the sweaters and pullovers! If you wear tees, bra-tops or camis you cannot do without the right style of bra, otherwise you will at the very least look improper. The best bras for the tightly fitting tops are seamless brasseries. If you wear skirts or leggings use also the seamless panties. You know already how to pick up the right lingerie for your specific figure type of figure. The most suitable underwear for long gowns is high-waist shaper briefs. If we speak about the tightly fitting gowns try to find the seamless models of briefs.

(The long length gowns by Nataya)

For the art-deco or 1920’s style dresses where necklines can be rather extreme, choose miraculous multi-way bras with long neckline. The ruche variotion can be used only if it goes with the style of the dress. In most cases the true art-deco dresses won’t go with the bras based on rouches.

(the art-deco styled sets)

If you purchased the extra fashion as tees or even the One Shoulder Gown by Nataya, you cannot do without so called “transformer” bras or limitless bras. The straps of such bras can be fastened in any way and can be adjusted for the style of your dress.

one shoulder vintage style dress

(Nataya One-Shoulder Oscar Dress)

Another good variation to go with the classic vintage style gown is the T-shape bras or tank-top styled bras.

(the bare shoulder wedding gown)

Most gals believe that lingerie in white can go with wedding gowns in white or ivory. But here is far better option: flesh-tone bras and panties. They are mostly used in the world of high fashion and this color is considered to be the most matchable! So try to have lingerie set in this color before buying your vintage inspired wedding gown.

(the Titanic inspired dress in Ivory)

Do you have a top with the tiny straps? The straps of your bra must match the width of your top. If you are an extreme gal you can choose the bras in contrasting colors. If not, wear the bra in the correlating colors like raspberry and deep rose, green and grass green etc.

(The cami by Nataya)

To show off the style of your panties if you wear denim is bad taste especially when it comes to low rider denim or skirts. We know some of our customers combine jeans with Nataya Tops. So what do you choose? Thongs and strings will go great even if you cannot boast with proportional hips. The jeans always slim the silhouette and high-waist panties sticking out of your jeans will look terrible! If you wear a mini-skirt as a set for some Nataya tops or you purchased a short flapper style dress by Nataya, wear the strings. But if you are supposed to dance, stand in the wind or you are not sure of the affair style, much better option will is simply boyshorts, briefs or bikinis.

(the short flapper dress)

If you wear a corset you will get a graceful gate and you will look much more slender. It’s just what the doctor ordered for brides. But if you wear a lace dress you can use a corset embroidered with lace or soutache. There is only one rule you should always follow: your corset must fit without a wrinkle! The strapless dresses can go with the bras in silicone. Again if you have an art-deco styled dress with an extreme bare back or extreme décolleté you can follow the example of the Red Carpeteers and use an Invisible bra. Such bras are represented by separated cups. And what do the celebs use for their panties? Definitely, they do use the shapewear briefs. For instance, Beyonce doesn’t even hide this fact!

old hollywood inspired evening gown

(Old Hollwyood style evening gown)

When you plan a different evening (or daytime) affairs, there are two ways to complete your look. You can purchase the perfect lingerie set and try to find something worthy. Or, conversely, using this guidance you can purchase any apparel you want and buy the proper style of lingerie! Be very successful in your choice!

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