How to Make Your Romantic Dress and Outfit

by Karen

If you have a romantic outfit that you know deep in your heart needs that one piece to make it complete, we’ve put together some ideas on just how you may be able to accomplish that. First, a romantic vintage coat, jacket or shawl is always a fantastic way to complete your romantic look. Wearing a velvet coat absolutely requires a flowing soft hood. If it’s a jacket you like, make sure it has a dreamy fairy look with long sleeves, embroidery and lace. As for a shawl, make it a beautiful chiffon shawl (long or short), with lace and drapery.

Mary Darling Dress

A hat could be a great add-on for the romantic dress. Hats may be wide, medium and small, brimmed or bonnet. A vintage romantic style is wonderfully aided by a refined, sophisticated hat with a veil. All hats should have soft fields, draperies, ribbons, bows and flowers.

Shoes for the romantic dress should emphasize the attractiveness of the style. The shoes can have heels. "Pumps" are great but make sure they have a nice variety of buckles, puffs or embroidery, as well as pattern on the skin.


As for fur wear, this is where you can really feel like a true romantic queen. Stoles, cloaks, capes and boas go great with the long, romantic vintage dresses.

Gloves can be nylon or silk. As for fishnet, play with the lengths, from short to max, see which best suits your outfit. Original vintage gloves or vintage stylized, it is doesn’t matter, they fit both.


And lastly, Jewellery! The main principles for jewellery are finesse and elegance. For the romantic vintage style dress, small fine silver jewellery, custom made nickel silver brooch or thin bracelets. The jewellery which was made in shapes of flowers, seashells or leaves will be the best.

Complex hairdos and wigs fit romantic style dresses well, especially wavy or curly hair styles.

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